One of the last truly respected magazines in the country going back all the way to 1925 and the literary base of countless well known and prolific writers has paid its dues and has won the respect for all to admire.

To be sure, the magazine reflected the persuasions of all those who contributed to its pages.  That is a fact that cannot be argued.

But with the onslaught of the presidential election this year it seems that the publication has pulled out all all the stops and has revealed to all the unmitigated bias which inhabits its hollowed pages.

For several weeks straight, it’s cover has exhibited  an image of presidential candidate Romney in the worse possible light.  Time does not permit to be in the  position to go back in time to see how this magazine reacted to former presidential elections. It does appear, however, to this writer that the liberal establishment has established firm ground from which to carry on its principles within the confines of this publication.  Fairness in reporting does not seem to carry much weight as far as the New Yorker is concerned.

It is tempting to think what Robert Benchley, Ring Lardner and others in the NewYorker’s glorified past would make of this situation as it exists today.

\                                                    BOB TINSLEY

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