(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE) — Pasadena, California — Sunday, January 28th, 2024 — Comic book fans and pop culture enthusiasts gathered for the highly anticipated Pasadena Comic Con 2024! Scott Zillner brought a Con that was bigger and better than ever. The Hollywood Press Corps dispatched Celebrity Photographer Alex Kluft. Check out his pictures here.

Tom Kenny ~ Photo by Alex Kluft
Sid Krofft (L) with Butch Patrick (R) Photo by Alex Kluft

The event was packed with celebrity appearances and plenty of vendors selling rare and hard-to-find comics and collectibles. Right off the bat, we saw the voice Sponge Bob Square Pants Tom Kenny. 

The always fun Gigi Edgley (Farscape) Photo by Alex Kluft
Tracy Gold (Growing Pains) (L) with Larry Hankin (Seinfeld)(R) Photo by Alex Kluft
Legendary hard rock rummer Vinny Appice from Dio and Black Sabbath~ Photo by Alex Kluft

Tom Kenny is such a character. Also, Sam Jones (Flash Gordon) the nicest guy in the world, Gigi Edgley (Farscape) she is such a beautiful Chiana from Farscape. Austin St. John and Walter Jones (Power Rangers) these guys are legends.

Lisa Marie Varon aka Victoria. Photo by Alex Kluft
Greg “The Hammer” Valentine(L) from World Wrestling Enterprise with  Irvin Urban (R) from Photo by Alex Kluft
Salli Saffioti. Photo by Alex Kluft
Butch Hartman(Johnny Bravo). Photo by Alex Kluft

The Honky Tonk Man and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine were posing for pics with starstruck fans. Rikishi (WWE) was signing autographs and being a cool guy. Jeremy Miller (TV’s Growing Pains) was telling stories about voicing Linus for Peanuts. The  Bleach Reunion was everywhere.  Johnny Yong Bosch and Michael Sorich were a couple of top names from the Bleach voice actors get together. 

Jeff Benett. Photo by Alex Kluft

Fans got a chance to purchase pictures and autographs from some legendary celebrities There was original artwork for sale and you could commission custom pieces from many artists artists.

Melody Anderson (L) with Sam Jones (R) from the Flash Gordon Movie from 1980. Sam and Melody are two of the nicest people in L.A. Photo by Alex Kluft

But it was about more than just meeting celebrities and voice actors from the past. The Pasadena Comic Con also featured a wide range of pop culture merchandise. There vintage toys and games. There was some really cool movie and TV memorabilia. It’s a one-stop shop for all things nerdy and cool.

Jeremy Miller (Growing Pains) Photo by Alex Kluft
Walter Jones (Power Rangers
Lisa Marie Varon (L) with Brian Cage (R) photo by Alex Kluft for Hollywood Press Corps
Melanie Chartoff from Seinfeld. Photo by Alex Kluft
Soup Nazi! Larry Thomas ~ Says he’s a huge Seinfeld fan! Photo by Alex Kluft
DJ Lance Rock ~ Photo by Alex Kluft
Spencer Wilding plays a great Darth Vader
Honky Tonk Man. Photo by Alex Kluft
Greg the Hammer Valentine from WWE. Photo by Alex Kluft
Rikishi (WWE) Photo by Alex Kluft
Sid Krofft (L) with H.R. Pufnstuf (R) Photo by Alex Kluft
Brian Cage (L) with Irvin Urban (R) Photo by Alex Kluft
Tony Oliver Photo by Alex Kluft

Everyone from die-hard comic book collectors to people looking for a fun day out had a great time at this year’s Pasadena Comic Con. We look forward to next year!

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