Secret Rooms Gift Suite ~ 2019

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE)  Los Angeles, CA — Friday, June 14th, 2019 — Secret Rooms MTV Gift Suite was held at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City.  Secret Room Events  presented an exclusive Hawaiian style retreat in honor of the nominees for the 2019 PRE-MTV Movie & TV Nominees. The event  was in a large banquet hall with plenty of room to mingle and meet all the vendors.  They  were all very nice, gracious and more then willing to explain their products. The charity of choice this year was the DoVE Project – Dogs of Violence Exposed – it’s a registered, non-profit organization created to support the end of the Dog Meat Trade in Asia. DoVe was be on site with some doggies that are up for adoption. Zatik had a Solar Mineral Sunscreen enriched with a vitamin formula. It’s frangrance free and a good product just in time for summer. Figpin had a Spider Man collectible.

Mismack clean cosmetics. Photo by Erwin Glaub

From high end jewelry, to hip and trendy baby and pet products and luxurious skin and hair care products, the Secret Room is a total pampering experience. Yulu was there with a fun booth with a product called Pop Pop Pets. They gave you a hammer and you could try to bang them. They would make a “pop pop” sound. They also had a photo booth which was fun. Dalcini had a stainless steel straw set and a nice cup. With the ban on plastic straws in L.A. this will definately be the trend for consumers. The benefits of using stainless instead of plastic is well known and hopefully become the norm for health benefits. Mismack was in the house and gave a kit of there clean cosmetics. Frill vegan ice cream was a treat. They have some really great flavors. We have bought there products before at Sprouts and Whole Foods. PetOrama had a booth with very life like figurines of dogs that were premium quality and collectible.

Nectar of the Dogs Wine. Photo by Erwin Glaub
The item that gave you a laugh was the toilet plunger from Mister Poop. It has a happy face on it and the handle glows in the dark. It also holds spare toilet paper. It puts
a smile on your face when you go to the bathroom.
Mister Poops toilet plungers. Photo by Erwin Glaub

True Made Foods had samples of the their ketchup which are made from veges cutting the added sugar usually found in most ketchups. They gave out some coupons to get their products at Whole Foods. Every bottle uses a half pound of veges which probably makes it the most healthy ketchup on the market.

Muscle Max powered by CBD

Muscle MX had some CBD products which seems to be all the rage right now. They gave out two different balms for pain relief. We will be trying this product out soon.
Nectar of the Dogs Wine was pouring and the label was created with love for their 4 legged friends and a passion for wine. They donate some of their proceeds to a dog recue group. They  offer private tastings in your own home.

CaCa Bee raw and natural lip balms. Photo by Erwin Glaub

CaCaBee had 100 raw and natural lip balm and under eye cream. They have really great all bamboo containers for their products. Their products are all organic and they stand out from many other lip balms which usually just come in plastic containers.

True Made Foods ketchups and BBQ sauces. Photo by Dustin Brown

Secret Rooms Events for the MTV awards came up with some new and innovative product and  THE EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE looks forward to trying them out.

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