Shangai Diamond Garden Restaurant

For those of you who adhere to a glatt kosher diet and like chinese food this is the place to go. They will cater to your taste buds with low sodium, low fat and dishes with low or no spices. A very friendly atmosphere and the service is great. They have a full service sushi bar and serve beer and wine.They are open saturday nights.

9401 w. Pico Bl. (2 blocks east of Beverly Dr.)







Appetizers :

$6.25   Crispy  Vegetable Egg Rolls (4pcs)

$6.25   Dumplings  (4pcs)    Steamed or pan-fried. Vegetable or chicken

$6.95   Chicken  Satayv(4pcs)

$6.95   Beef  Satay (4pcs)

$6.95   Paper  Wrapped Chicken (4pcs)

$7.95   House  Special Fried Won Ton (6pcs)

$8.95   Fried  Chicken Wings (6pcs)

$9.50   Minced  Chicken in Lettuce Cups (2pcs)

$10.95   Crispy  Chicken Salad

$14.95   Flaming  Pupu Platter (2pcs each)    Egg rolls, paper wrapped chicken, fried won ton, chicken satay and beef satay


Soup  :  Serves 2 People

$8.95   Hot  & Sour Seafood Soup

$8.95   Hot  & Sour Chicken Soup

$8.25   Hot  & Sour Vegetable Soup

$8.25   Seaweed  and Egg Flower Soup

$8.95   Chicken  Corn Soup

$7.95   Assorted  Vegetable Soup

$8.95   Chicken  and Sizzling Rice Soup

$8.95   Seafood  Sizzling Rice Soup

$8.95   Wor  Wonton Soup

$8.95   West  Lake Beef Soup

$8.95   Seafood  and Tofu Soup

$8.95   Chicken  Tomato Soup


Casserole Pot  :

$15.95   Assorted  Vegetable Casserole      Fresh assorted vegetables baked in clay pot

$19.95   Mixed  Vegetable Casserole    Choice of fish, chicken or beef, sliced and baked in clay pot with fresh green vegetables

$18.95   Seafood  and Tofu Casserole     Spicy tofu, fish and green onion baked in clay pot


Chef’s Specialties  :  Served with steamed rice

$16.50   Aromatic  Fish      tender fish fried in lightly batter and sauteed in sweet and pungent sauce

$16.50   Sizzling  Fish Filet      Sweet and spicy. Lightly battered fish filet topped with garlic sauce and served on a sizzling platter

$16.50   Steamed  Fish with Ginger and Onion     Boneless fish filet steamed with ginger and onion

$16.95   Sizzling  Beef with Chicken     Succulent beef with chicken in brown sauce

$16.50   Crispy  Shredded Chicken       Shredded chicken deep fried till crispy. With green onions, carrots and cilantro. Served with garlic and brown sauce

$16.50   Crispy  Shredded Beef      Shredded beef deep fried till crispy. With green onions, carrots and cilantro. Served with garlic and brown sauce

$16.50   Sesame  Chicken     tender chicken breast lightly battered and sauteed in sweet and pungent sauce and topped with sesame seed

$16.95   Mandarin  Chicken      Lightly battered chunks of chicken braised with chef’s special house sauce

$12.95   Three  Vegetable Delight      Light and crispy. Stir-fried Chinese pea pods, water chestnuts and asparagus topped with mushrooms

$16.50   Lemon  Chicken     Lightly breaded and deep fried chicken breast with lemon sauce and ginger

$16.50   Orange  Chicken      tender chunks of crispy chicken sauteed with orange flavored sauce

$16.50   Tong  On Chicken      sauteed chicken breast with green onion, ginger and wine sauce

$16.95   Orange  Beef      tender chunks of crispy beef sauteed with orange flavored sauce

$22.95   King  and Queen (Double Delight)      Tong on chicken and crispy orange beef

$18.50   Grilled  Salmon     Charboiled atlantic salmon filet with mushrooms and asparagus with house special sauce

$17.50   Grilled  Chicken     Charboiled chicken filet with mushrooms and asparagus with house special sauce

$16.95   Sesame  Beef      Tender beef, lightly battered and sauteed in sweet and pungent sauce, topped with sesame seeds


Meat  :  Served with Steamed Rice

$15.50   Mongolian  Beef    Stir-fried sliced london broil, scallions and onion in a mongolian sauce

$15.50   Beef  and China Peas    Sliced london broil stir-fried with snow peas, celery and water chestnuts

$15.50   Beef  and Broccoli     Stir-fried london broil steak and broccoli

$15.50   Hunan  Beef     Stir-fried london broil with bell pepeprs, carrots and onions in black bean sauce

$15.50   Kung  Pao Beef     Sliced london broil, onions, peanuts and dried chili stir-fried with pepper sauce

$16.50   Beef  and Asparagus    Stir-fried sliced london broil and asparagus in special brown sauce

$15.95   Beef  and Baby Bok Choy    Stir-fried sliced london broil and baby bok choy


Fowl  :  Served with Steamed Rice

$14.50   Sweet  & Sour Chicken    tender chunks of deep-fried chicken with bell peppers, onions, pineapple and sweet and sour sauce

$14.50   Cashew  Chicken     Stir-fried diced chicken with bell peppers and water chestnuts. White meat on request

$14.50   Kung  Pao Chicken     Diced chicken stir-fried with peanuts, onion and dried chili peppers. White meat on request

$14.50   Hunan  Chicken     Sliced chicken breast, bell peppers, white onions and carrots, stir-fried in spicy black bean sauce

$14.50   Chicken  and China Peas    Sliced chicken breast, snow peas, sliced mushrooms and water chestnuts, stir-fried in a white sauce

$14.50   Chicken  and Broccoli    Stir-fried chicken breast and broccoli

$14.50   Chicken  with String Bean    Sliced chicken breast stir-fried with string bean

$14.50   Szechwan  Garlic Chicken     Stir-fried chicken breast with mixed greens in spicy garlic sauce


Fish  :  Served with Steamed Rice

$15.95   Kung  Pao Fish     Stir-fried fish with green onion, red pepper and peanuts

$15.95   Salt  and Pepper Fish     Sliced fish with fine pepper and onion stir-fried in a spicy salt and pepper sauce

$15.50   Spicy  Fish with Garlic Sauce     Sliced fish sauteed with broccoli, water chestnuts, mushrooms and celery in a spicy garlic sauce

$16.50   Sliced  Fish with Asparagus    sauteed fish with asparagus in a light wine brown sauce


Vegetable  :  Served with Steamed Rice

$11.95   Tofu  in Brown Sauce

$11.95   Sauteed  Mixed Vegetables

$12.95   Baby  Bok Choy with Mushrooms

$12.95   Sauteed  Spinach with Mushrooms

$11.95   Szechwan  Tofu

$11.95   Eggplant  with Garlic Sauce

$11.95   Szechwan  String Bean

$11.95   Salt  and Pepper Tofu


Mu Shu  :

$7.95   Mushu  Vegetable (2)

$8.50   Mushu  Beef (2)

$8.50   Mushu  Chicken (2)

$8.50   Mushu  Fish (2)


Noodle  :

$10.95   Vegetable  Lo Mein

$11.50   Tofu  Lo Mein

$11.95   Chicken  Lo Mein

$11.95   Beef  Lo Mein

$12.95   Singapore  Rice Noodles

$11.95   Vegetable  Pan Fried Noodles

$12.95   Chicken  Pan Fried Noodles

$12.95   Beef  Pan Fried Noodles

$12.95   Seafood  Pan Fried Noodles


Fried Rice  :

$2.25   Steam  Rice

$2.25   Brown  Rice

$8.95   Vegetable  Fried Rice

$10.95   Chicken  Fried Rice

$10.95   Beef  Fried Rice

$10.95   Combination  Fried Rice


Beverages  :

$1.50   Soda  Can     Coke, diet coke, sprite

$2.00   Snapple

$1.50   Bottled  Water


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