The Experience was recently invited to attended STOMP. If you are fan of percussion this is a show you must not miss.

STOMP is the Tony award winning sensation from the United Kingdom. Originally started as a street performance. This super choreographed performance has been going strong for twenty years. STOMP has been performed for twenty-four million people in over fifty countries.

Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas are the originators of this global production. The show has continued to evolve.

STOMP is a delight for those interested in rhythm and percussion. The performance is a collection of groups that dance and bang their way through a dazzling show. Using everyday items like garbage can lids, brooms and Zippo lighters. The music is a cacophony of dings, clicks and gonks. Even metal shopping carts and paint cans get used for the production.

Each goup of performers has its own unique rhythm and meter. They stomp their hands, feet, and any found object to make an urban symphony.

One unique aspect of STOMP is the Rhythm and Sounds zone. These seats are in a zone in front of the stage that allows you to “feel” the show as well as see it.

The choreography is amazing. Stomp is part dance, part musical. An experience that must be seen live.

The Experience recommends STOMP. If you get a chance, you should see it!

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