Summer Cocktails at D’Vine Lounge Bar

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE) — There’s no better time like summer to enjoy a nice cold cocktail. The D’Vine Lounge Bar is the perfect place to do it. Located in downtown Los Angeles amongst the skyscrapers and new construction, the D’Vine Lounge Bar is a great place to get hand crafted cocktails and gourmet French appertifs.

The Moscow Mule at D'Vine Lounge Bar. Made with hand crafted ginger beer
The Moscow Mule at D’Vine Lounge Bar. Made with hand crafted ginger beer

We met up with manager, Killian, and tried a few of the new offerings while munching on the vegetarian appetizers.

Right off the bat, I just had to try the new D’Vine cocktail. This drink features vodka, Luxardo, lemon juice, and cranberry juice. To be honest, I was dubious about this cocktail as I don’t like sweet drinks. But I was blown away by the balance of flavors and subtle taste. This cocktail is a perfect example of a bartender making a combination of flavors that say “summer’ and “yum” all in one glass. I was amazed at how good this cocktail tasted.
The D’Vine wine bar is one of those secrets of downtown Los Angeles. They have an excellent selection of fine wines and offer delicious small plates.

The D'Vine cocktail is vodka based and perfect for summer
The D’Vine cocktail is vodka based and perfect for summer

The second cocktail we tried was the Moscow Mule. This Moscow Mule is made with homemade ginger beer. It such a great way to enjoy the taste of summer while sipping on a beverage.
Finally, we just had to try the Spicy Maragarita. Made with tequila and Grand Marnier, this summertime cocktail comes with a jalapeño garnish. So delicious.
The bar at D’Vine has become a favorite local hangout with people relaxing and enjoying cocktails. The rainbow Vodka Flight was popular on the night we stopped by with a couple trying the different colored shots of vodka.

The Spicy Margarita
The Spicy Margarita

The small plates at D’Vine Lounge Bar are always so amazing. We went with entire evening of vegetarian flat breads and vegetarian small plates.

IMG_5241 There were artichokes, olives, sun dried tomatoes. This is the perfect food for sipping on fine wine and relaxing in the big city.
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