The Experience Magazine Covers the GBK Brand Bar Luxury Lounge for 2024 pre Oscars

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE)  Los Angeles, CA  THE EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE attended the GBK Gifting suite at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills to honor some of the recent and past Oscar recipients . It was on the second level of the hotel with a very nice view of Rodeo Dr. as the backdrop to Kokoro Spirits with the server sporting a wild haircut.

We were given an empty bottle to do some custom artwork as Erwin Glaub, the publisher also shows work at galleries and most recently the L.A. Art Show. The bottle will be on auction for the charity of KoKoro Spirits. There was also a full bottle gifted to try out at home. Jane Foodie was also there with some really great treats!! We met Ike from Ike’s Sandwiches and we remember when he first started and now has many locations in California with vege and vegan options. Glow Pups had some really nice toys for dogs and we gave one to a dog who enjoyed his “tequilla” bottle plush toy a lot.

Neil Patrick Harris at the GBK gift lounge

We spoke with Cheech Marin about his Art museum in Riverside. GBK has the art of putting on a great show on through years of experience and there is always a great vibe there making it a great experience for anyone attending.  

Viola Davis

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