The Seafood Tower at Broad Street Oyster Company Malibu

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE)  Malibu, CA — Monday, April 26th, 2021 — The Experience Magazine got a chance to sample the fresh sea urchin at Broad Street Oyster Company in Malibu and it was totally awesome! Owner Chris T. is basically a grown up version of Jeff Spicoli. Looking for tasty waves, or in this case totally fresh seafood. Malibu has always been in need of a cool place to hang and a place to get really good food. Well, Broad Street is totally it! 

Broad Street is doing their best to make a cool space where you can socially distance, order and pick up food without gathering in large groups, and pop across there street to the Malibu Lagoon. The Lagoon is a hidden gem of Los Angeles. You can access Malibu Beach from the Lagoon. This is the original Malibu Movie Colony in the late 1920s. Tons of celebs live in the Colony. Its right across the street from Broad Street Oyster Company. Places like this are so welcome in Malibu. 

We got to sample the Seafood Tower. The chef selected some tasty treats that were so fresh. Do you like sea urchin? I love sea urchin! Any chance to eat sea urchin is fine with me! This was delicious! I could taste the ocean and freshness! The shrimp cocktail was also just so good. I sampled fresh oysters and loved the mignonette sauce as well as the horseradish/ketchup sauce. Delicious! The Seafood tower came with a delicious serving of caviar. Everything was delicious, and cooked like a chef was preparing the food.

Finally, after eating delicious raw oyster after raw oyster, we both chowed down on a Florida Stone Crab Claw. I don’t know how they do it! The entire Seafood Tower was tasty and we had fun sitting outside. People in Malibu know one another and there’s a lot of visiting and catching up going on.I have to mention the Lobster Bisque. It is delicious. If you’re a Bisque fan, I recommend that you try it.

There’s a row of Tesla chargers near the outdoor dinning area and they are silently stopping by for a charge. The Santa Monica mountains are visible and you can also see a bit of the Pacific Ocean from Broad Street. Broad Street really makes a visit to Malibu fun. Stop by and try some seafood tacos or the Seafood Tower. The Experience Magazine highly recommends Broad Street Oyster Company in Malibu.

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