Zabadak Collection; An Incredible Art Exhibit by Erwin Glaub


Santa Monica’s Emeritus College is host to one of the most unique and vibrant art exhibitions called the “Zabadak Collection”, created by Erwin Glaub. The collection is aesthetically alive and playful, with underlying analyses of mass movement, collecting, and celebrity worship. Glaub derives his drawn and painted imagery from the collective unconscious. He has developed a style that he refers to as “Pop Visionary Hieroglyphics.”


From the Zabadak Collection by Erwin Glaub
From the Zabadak Collection by Erwin Glaub, photo courtesy The Experience Magazine

Within his paintings, one can find multitudes of swarming beings and traveling vessels milling about in contentment or proceeding to an unknown destination in a mass of unity. Inspired by cartooning, handwriting, doodling, and beach graphics, the works are characterized by brightly-colored spaces and amoeba-like shapes.


Collection of gifting suite bags
Collection of gifting suite bags, photo courtesy The Experience Magazine

In addition to his inspired painted works, Glaub presents, for the first time, two highly calculated longterm projects. The artist has a vast collection of snapshots of himself posing with celebrities, some of whom have collected his artwork. As an element of the exhibition 60 of these snapshots are visible. Also on display is a massive installation of gift bags acquired by the artist over the past 25 years from exclusive Hollywood events, such as movie premieres, store openings and fashion events. It is an eclectic assembly of popular logos and event titles that is so extensive one must sit and reflect through the years while admiring the display.


Sharpie on mannequin by Erwin Glaub
Sharpie on Mannequin by Erwin Glaub, photo courtesy The Experience Magazine


The exhibit is free to the public and a wonderful stopping point for tourists and locals browsing through the promenade area of Santa Monica. For a truly enjoyable, unorthodox and far-out experience, take a trip to the Emeritus College located on the first floor at 1227 2nd Street, in downtown Santa Monica and enjoy the wonders of the “Zabadak Collection” by Erwin Glaub. For more information contact: Santa Monica College Emeritus College Art Gallery (310)434-4306

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