A Tasteful Adventure at the Gallery Food Hall


The entire day was full of flavor. 

From the moment we woke up on that breezy summer morning, The Experience Magazine team had been preparing our appetites for the mouth-watering journey ahead. Third Street Promenade’s newest premier dining collective, nestled in the heart of Santa Monica was awaiting us, and The Gallery Food Hall was where we would begin our adventure. We started our dining experience there, and ended it there as well, and wanted to share all of the uniquely tasty places we visited on the way. 

With so many options to choose from, the state-of-the-art food hall really left us desiring nothing more after our meal, except another song from the mellow promenade performers to keep the vibe. Other than that, the elevated dining area overlooking happy people kept everything enjoyable. Our first dining destination at The Gallery Food Hall was Petit Harvest, located just steps away from the city’s historic and favored Farmers Market. At first bite, we were instantly impressed by the artisanal fare. 

“Well done, please,” Erwin kindly requested for his GE Beyond Burger. 

This beauty was beyond flavorful! GE Beyond Burger from Petit Harvest! Photo by Shalane Goss

The crispy watercress and fresh heirloom tomatoes beneath the bun truly reflect the organic quality and hard work of the local farmers. Created by Chef Graham Elliot, the GE Beyond Burger is crafted to perfection. The seamless texture, bursting flavor and shiitake mushroom “bacon” left us satisfied in the healthiest of ways.

At our next destination, we asked for Noods. Street Noods delivered! Chef David Lespron’s time-honored approach to the pan-Asian, fast street market noodles, representing the nocturnal late nights and early mornings of Asia filled us well. We received chilled soba sesame, Chinese broccoli and shiitake mushrooms, both authentic and flavorful. Our adventure hadn’t ended there, though. The savory journey continued.

We asked for Noods and Street Noods delivered!  Photo by Shalane Goss

“Authentic, Playful and Spanish every time,” Cada Vez provided us with a Queso platter that lifted us out of our seats, and straight into the kitchen of a farmhouse somewhere in Northern Spain. The EE team visited the Basque and Navarra regions where the Idiazabal was made from raw sheep’s milk. The manchego oveja sheep’s milk cheese, representative of traditional Spanish culture, was aged three months when Cada Vez graced us with its flavor. Atop the bread, it was perfect to the taste. Then we stopped in Cantabria, a hidden region known for its strong tradition of dance and beautiful landscapes for a blue cheese that melted in our mouths. 

Paperboy Pizza, it’s retro feel and the lingering scent of a proper pie lured us along. Jeremy Fall had outdone himself with everything, ranging from the restaurant design, to the loaded slices of “Shroom & Leek,” to the friendly faces that helped us choose our meal at Paperboy Pizza. The Best Caesar Salad Ever, made with little gem and influenced by southwest Italy greeted our appetites as our appetizer. Perfectly crispy parmesan and savory caesar dressing made us stay. Then we went right into the caves of Val Taleggio to taste the smear-ripened Italian cheese that bubbled beneath crust, creamy leeks and herbed mushrooms.

“The Best Caesar Salad Ever!” at Paperboy Pizza.  Photo by Shalane Goss

It was hard to say goodbye after that, but saying hello to Supertoro made it a little easier! From Italy to Japan, at once, we made our way to experience the fun! Anne Nguyen’s crispy creation: the modern bento box, and a sense of simple wonder had been awaiting us. Seasoned edamame and a soba noodle salad set the scene. Our box also contained crispy rice topped with mushrooms and cucumbers, as well as one of America’s most popular types of Sushi, nori covered Maki Rolls, hand formed and filled with cucumber, rice, avocado and carrots. 

After Japan, we still had two more stops on our itinerary!

#TacoVibesOnly at Azule Taqueria!  Photo by Shalane Goss

The first was back to Azule Taqueria to pay homage to the authenticity of their beach vibe tacos. Upon arrival, the seasonal agua fresca cooled us down, and feeding our free spirits wasn’t hard with the Wild & Free. Its slow roasted wild mushrooms really helped us both understand and taste the creative culinary process of time and technique that’s applied to each taco. Adorned with garlic, herbs, house salsa made from the freshest ingredients, daikon sprouts, Spanish manchego and aioli, every bite of this taco brought us closer to freedom. From the roasted vegan Cauliflower Al Pastor, to the Garlic Shrimp Avocado, no matter what you like, Azule Taqueria has a taco for it!


The EE Team preparing our appetites for Strfsh!  Photo by Shalane Goss

At the end of our journey, we ended up back in the lovely Santa Monica, at the Voltaggio Brother’s Strfsh Restaurant for a final tasting experience. A Fresh Hot Fish sandwich and Boardwalk Fries, the modern day fish and chips, brought us closer to the shore than we’d been our whole trip! With a crunch that’s unmatched, the Hot Fish is one that we will come back for. Fast and casual, the Voltaggio brother’s newest dining venture is bringing fresh seafood here to LA and they are nestled in the Food Gallery Dining Hall for all to enjoy. 

Fresh Hot Fish sandwich, anyone?  Photo by Shalane Goss

Overall, the journey was amazing and tasteful The EE Team visited many different places on a flavorful adventure, from Santa Monica to Japan and back again. We were able to experience a little taste of heaven in every place. 

Until next time! 


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