Consumer Electronics Show 2015

Consumer Electronics Show 2015
Consumer Electronics Show 2015

The Consumer Electronics  show is very much like a huge carnival. A carnival of electronics complete  with main attractions, sideshows, and entertainment to say the least. It is also an educating experience to learn about and see some of the coolest and latest electronics devices around. From smart  electronics come devices that are operated not only by remote control but also by everything from the weather to body functions and more.

  As I walked the floor this year, I found some really fun and useful  gadgets along the way. Aside from all the drones with cameras  that were on display and  flying in enclosed  areas, there were lots of stationary products that  made you feel like you were moving.
  One of these products is the Homido  smartphone virtual reality headset, which is a holder for a cell phone that is mounted sideways in a viewer and is worn like goggles to watch 3D video right from the phone.
 Sony has a great small 4K- HD video camera that is small enough to mount in a compact  stationary or movable mount holder for action shots. This unit works in conjunction  with a cell phone. There were also dash cameras, body cameras, hidden cameras and big and small cameras of all kinds.Both video and still shot.
A mini drone at CES 2015
A mini drone at CES 2015

In the 4K mode of the newer televisions there is one company from China that will be selling and manufacturing it’s own sets at one half the current price for these devices. That company is Changhong.

At this point it seems that the organic 4K sets have the best picture of all with both curved and flat screens.
 A good deal of lighting effects are built into audio devices to enhance the music experience and new forms of HD listening to music is coming around as well  A unit called  the Pono was introduced by and developed  by musical artist Neil Young.
 Outside the Las Vegas Convention Center are a series of enclosed areas both tented and not.The Gibson Guitar structure is the first one you come to when crossing the drive in front of the Convention Center. It is full of guitars and has musical concerts. You can practice on various Gibson guitars with the headphones provided.
 Moving down the line one comes to a display of EV (electric vehicles).All types of little cars and scooters and even motorized chairs.One folding scooter that I really liked was called the Q-bike and folds up like a golf bag for transporting. It sells for a hefty $2,750 but has a 48 volt motor and is built out of aluminum and weighing in at only 66 lbs. with the battery. Even further down the line one comes to the Volkswagen smart car demonstration. This is where a Volkswagen  Golf is parked in a driveway and after the driver gets out of the car it proceeds to park itself in a garage. When the driver returns to the same spot the car was left at, it will back itself out where the driver can then get into it. This is just a sample of what is coming in a future of self driving and smart cars.
    Entering the north sections of the Convention Center and the small electronics displays in the Las Vegas Hilton hotel next to the Convention Center one can see the automotive electronics section as well. Lots of automotive electronics and equipment are on display along with simulators that a person can drive into a virtual reality of racing . The show is extended  to the Sands Convention Center down the street and various hotels.
A new smart car at CES 2015
A new smart car at CES 2015

Many of the companies  put on events and parties to attend. Musicals groups like the  Steve Miller Band and the rock group KIss performed at this year’s events that took place at various hotels and venues around the Las Vegas strip.

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