Explosion at the Pantages


This theatre was just about to come apart at the seams with the opening of ‘Burn the Floor’ over the weekend.  There was plenty of energy to go around as the dancers took to the floor; so much energy, in fact, it was almost too much to take, trying to watch and keep up all the various dance movements manifested by this very talented group on their two week tour from their successful run on Broadway.

The audience was certainly with it, as this group went through the paces, highlighted by the two dance teams Peter Saul and Vonzell Soloman, along with Anya Garnis and Pasha Kovalev.

Jason Gilkison directed and choreographed the show.  He and his dance partner Peta Roby were a sensation inAustralia, winning a number of championships there before embarking on the Broadway engagement.

Thoughts come to mind as you become mesmerized with this group, such as Dancing With the Stars and American Idol except that these people take these shows only as a starting point as they expand the possibilities in all directions.  Many of the dancers, in fact, have been involved with the aforementioned, along with American Idol. The music is canned, with the exception of percussion being supplied in the background.

Not that the enthusiastic crowd probably noticed, but there were a few aspects of this show that could probably have been improved upon. After a while, it seemed that all the dances began to become somewhat repetitive.  What might have helped, perhaps, would be the inclusion of some sort of plot or story development.  Since the staging is static, the addition of sets might also have helped to provide interest.  Also, the incessant pounding of the drums seemed never to stop and almost drives one to distraction.

But it will be a given that my carping will fall on deaf ears, as witness the success of the Broadway run and the positive reaction of those around me in the audience.  This two week run will more than re-cap the investment.

Pantages Theatre.  Performances through May 8.  www.BroadwayLA.org

1-800-982-ARTS….Box Office opens at 10am……Ticketmaster Outlets.




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