Revisiting Middle Age


This is pretty much what you get when you pair off two middle age women whose friendship goes back to their college days in “Revisiting Wildfire”, the current offering at the Odyssey Theatre inWest LA

The show is presented by Right Down Broadway  Productions who’s mission, as stated in the program, “is to bring together disparate elements of the theatrical community to consolidate resources, revenue, experience and talent, and to provide original, quality, theatrical entertainment to the public”.

The producers promise “exposure to fresh ideas, new faces and compelling entertaining theatre.”

It’s an ambitious goal to want to adhere to but what is presently on stage would perhaps justify some re-thinking as to just how they want to go about this.

Both Denise Crosby and Jamie Rose are two distinctly talented individuals.  They attempt to bring to life a flaccid script which involves these two women who have a confrontation due to a surprise visit from one of them, Pam, very aptly portrayed by Denise Crosby who makes a unheralded visit to her girlfriend, Theresa, vividly played by Jamie Rose.  Pam immediately discovers Theresa in a disheveled state of mind due to a recent loss of a high profile job and in a frantic state.  And the arrival of Pam is definitely not what Theresa wants to happen at this time and place.

However, Pam hangs in, no matter what resistance she is getting from Theresa and the word play begins.  What follows between the two is, for the most part  Pam trying to pacify Theresa and Theresa bouncing back with her own take on what is to be done in her situation.  And on and on it goes.  All of this seems a slim premise to build a play around unless you can have some strong characterizations here and these two, as professional as they are, simply are stepping up to the plate to provide that.

I found it difficult to determine any resolution to the goings on, such as they were, as the two walk out of  the room at the play’s ending and was left scratching my head wondering just what it was that I was missing.

Kari Floren authored the piece and the direction was by Eve Brandstein.

Through July 31 with performances Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  2055 So.Sepulveda Blvd.




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