Fifty One Chinese Kitchen in Culver City

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE) — Culver City, CA — Thursday, September 27th, 2018 — The Experience Magazine was invited to sample the Asian fusion menu at Fifty One Chinese Kitchen in downtown Culver City. A recent Grand Opening at Fifty One allowed guests who had previously enjoyed the vegetarian/vegan Ooak Kitchen see how Fifty One is rebranding and expanding its menu. Owner, Mr. Linn, is excited to bring authentic Chinese dishes from all over China to Los Angeles. Fifty One is short for the 510000 zip code that Guangzhou is known for.

The Flamed Chicken Wings At Fifty One. Photo by Dustin Brown

Los Angeles has long needed a restaurant like Fifty One. There are tables and spaces in the large dining room that allow large groups of people to dine and enjoy their evening. The Experience Magazine got a chance to sit right in the front of the restaurant. We could see out onto Washington Boulevard . Our server for the evening was John. He was very knowledgable about each dish and made some helpful suggestions. A few of the new items on the menu are Shuizhu Hot Pot. I can’t wait to try the Hot Pot here! Fifty One also added a few of the Chinese classics like Orange Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken and they’ve added dim sum that is served in beautiful bamboo serving dishes.
John helped us order a few vegetarian dishes with a bit of chicken and a shrimp dish. We wanted to try the Flamed Chicken Wings and we were so glad we did. The presentation of the Flamed Chicken Wings was so cool. The wings arrive mostly cooked while still wrapped in foil. A flammable liquid sits on the plate and adds to the presentation nicely. The taste of the chicken wings is really what was important. The flavor was a house made teriyaki sauce. The thing that made this dish stand out is that the wings weren’t salty at all. The flavor was delicious and subtle. I just love expertly made Chicken Wings. These were over the top.

The Dongpo Tofu. Photo by the Experience Magazine

I should say that all of the food that we ate at Fifty One Kitchen was just really on another level. Quality Asian fusion food is such a treat. This restaurant is what Los Angeles has needed for years. The staff is knowledgable and friendly, the food is really just amazing with flavor and the ingredients have been thought out in advance. Fifty One uses farm to table fresh ingredients. The chicken that we ate was raised with no antibiotics ever.

Fifty One Noodles. Photo by Dustin Brown

As we sipped our sake and munched on Chicken Wings, we also had a plate of Edamame. Edamame are immature soybeans that are steamed. This set us up for the Dongpo Tofu. Zhejiang Cuisine comes from Eastern China just south of Shanghai. This tofu was made with low sodium and fried for just a moment to give the tofu the right texture. Wow! What a dish! I could’ve easily eaten another serving of the Dongpo Tofu.

Vegetarian Shaking “Beef.” Photo by Dustin Brown

Our next treat, and some of the best Asian Noodles I’ve ever had were the Fifty One Noodles. The noodles are mixed with a savory sesame and peanut sauce. For spice, this dish has a touch of red pepper. The flavor blends together to make for an authentic and “Chinese” flavor without using preservatives or salt. I recommend you try the Fifty One Noodles. They know what they’re doing with this dish. You can taste the quality of each ingredient. This noodle dish puts Fifty One on the list for places that people MUST try when visiting Los Angeles.

Shimp Xiu Mai Dim Sum. So tasty!

We also got to sample the Vegetarian Shaking Beef. This dish has lion’s mane mushrooms, pine nuts, tiny button mushrooms and a black pepper sauce. The flavor was authentic Chinese. This dish is Guangdong Cuisine. The chef knows what he’s doing on this dish.

Sesame Balls were the perfect end to our meal

We got to try one of the dim sum dishes. The shrimp Xiu Mai came recommended. This was a delicious dish. The shrimp fresh and steamy while the dumpling was house made. I cant wait to try more Dim Sum at Fifty One.
I was really so full after all the great food we ate. We wanted to try some desserts and the Sesame Balls were just a perfect end to our meal. The Experience Magazine highly recommends the Fifty One Chinese Kitchen in Culver City. Stop by or make a reservation today.

Fifty One Kitchen
9540 Washington Blvd
Culver City CA 90232

Phone: 626-799-2262

Website: Fifty One Kitchen

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