Holocaust survivor Edith Glaub turns 100 years old on January 3, 2022

Edith Glaub (maiden name Edith Blau) will be 100 years old on January 3, 2022.
Born in 1922, Edith was one of seven children and originally from a small village, Nagy Magyar, near Bratislava, Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia).
After graduating high school, Edith and her younger sister Kato Schaffer (now 96 years old) moved to Budapest, Hungary. They lived there for several years until being abducted in 1944 by Nazi troops and forced onto deportation trains. While most Hungarian Jews were deported to Auschwitz, Edith and her sister were deported to concentration camps Flossenbürg, Ravensbrük (the largest women’s concentration camp) and then finally to Mauthausen. In May of 1945, Edith and Kato were liberated by American troops.
Edith met her husband Zoltan Glaub in Budapest before the Nazi occupation. They fell in love but were separated during the war. They found each other after WWII ended and soon married.
Their first of three children, Erwin was born in 1947 in Germany. A few years later, the family moved to the Bronx in New York City where their second child, Robert (Bob) was born in 1952. Looking for a better quality of life, the family then moved to Los Angeles in 1954. Their third child, Giselle, was born in 1956 when the family moved to West Los Angeles, where Edith still resides after 65 years in the same home.
Until a few years ago, Edith was fluent in five languages. She was an outstanding homemaker and loved to cook, bake and entertain for family and friends. She was also an avid knitter, crochetter, seamstress, petit point and needlepoint artist. She briefly taught knitting at Bullocks Westwood in the 1960s and her home is adorned with many of her works.

Edith has always loved music and still loves to listen to many styles: from Hungarian gypsy music to rock n’ roll to Dean Martin, and to her favorite, Willie Nelson.
Edith and her husband Zoltan had a very happy marriage for 49 years until he passed away in 1995. They were always supportive of their three children in all of their endeavors and careers. She is the proud grandmother of four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

– Witten by Robert (Bob) Glaub

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