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(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE) — El Segundo, CA — Friday, October 15th, 2021 — DineLA 2021 for Autumn rapped up for the Experience Magazine on Friday. We stopped by so many new and exciting paces. We went out every night for two weeks. We tried so many new and tasty places. Jame Enoteca and the place was packed! The South Bay was popping and people were dining outdoors. Jame is a smush name of chef/owner Jackson Kalb and wife Melissa Saka. People were so eager to sit down together and have some wine and some delicious food. The atmosphere was electric and the staff was busy doing an excellent job.
We got to sample the Branzino from the menu and boy was it good. Prepared and presented perfectly. It was fun to try out the DineLA menu. The Spicy Rigatoni at Jame Enoteca was so delicious. A blend of hand crafted pasta that just melts in your mouth. Made with a spicy vodka sauce. Wow! Amazing flavors. Manager Colby really went out of his way to make sure that everything was perfect. I could see that he was doing a great job of getting everyone in a comfortable outdoor spot to enjoy a drink and some delicious food. It was such a special night. The Capellini was great. Capellini is a smaller diameter pasta like angel-hair. Chef Jackson using a light 36 hour tomato sauce, a little basil and parm. Yum. Our server Meg is so awesome and she does a great job of taking care of everybody.

Monday October 4th
Locanada Positiano DineLA Fall 2021 Marina Del Rey
Located in Marina Del Rey, Locanda Positiano is a legendary
We got to sit outside even though it was sprinkling a little rain. The DineLA menu was so much fun. We could choose one of each; an Antipasti, a Pasta, an entree and a dessert. Its an amazing deal and Locanda is one of the top restaurants in Los Angeles in terms of flavor. We started with the Burrata Caprese. This features Burrata cheese, fresh tomatoes, a bit of oregano and basil. I love Burrata and this was a nice serving of heirloom tomatoes. On the Entree side, we had the Pollo Al Funghi E Marsala. You might not think of Italian food when you think of a delicious chicken dish, but Locanada has made a crispy, delicious chicken entree with a delicious serving of mashed potatoes on the side. If a homemade chicken dinner is your kind of thing . This is dish really impressed me. The tender chicken breast
The Ravioli Tartufo is the dish that caught my attention. We agreed that this is the best ravioli that we’ve had for DineLA. Amazing flavor. The housemade ravioli blends with a creamy parmesan. This is topped of with black truffles and so tasty.
The dessert for DineLA was so good. Bombolini and Cannoli. Both are Italian style pastries. I don’t know which one I enjoyed more. This experience is right up there with the best flavors in town.

Tuesday October 5th, 2021
Arth Culver City
For Tuesday, October 5th, we tried the fixed price DineLA menu at Arth. This was a lot of fun and a popular destination in Culver City. Chef Sagar Ghosh has put together a super tasty menu that is Chef level as far as flavor goes. Art created a $45 menu and we were stuffed by the time we left. We began with the Old Monk Drunken Wings. These were delicious. Chef has made an Indian Fusion Wing that has gourmet flavor and an American/Indian flavor. So tasty. We had an ice cold Kirin that matched with the appetizer. We tried the Fish Fingers at Arth and wow this was the big surprise dish of DineLA 21! You would think fish fingers would just be a simple thing, but Chef Sagar made a housemaid sauce that has a tiny bit of lime. I wanted more sauce with lime it was so good. The fish was lightly fired. Chef says he gets this fish fresh from the Santa Monica Farmers Market which is close by. I could’ve eaten twenty of the these.
Chef Sagar could see that Erwin and I were familiar with Indian food so he brought a Mango Lassi. This is like a Mango smoothie with yogurt and it’s really filling. Some people say “Lassie” like the dog but its actually more like “fussy.” Really tasty and very filling.
So the dish that just blew me away for DineLA Fall of 2021 was Chef Sagar’s Lobster Moilee. Holy cow this was delicious! A fresh lobster tail with yellow curry. It was a little spicy but another huge surprise. Art has a really good value for your money. And on the night we were there, an actual Chef was preparing our food which makes a huge difference.
Erwin sipped on a glass of Champagne and dessert was Mango Chombard Kulfi. This was Mango Ice Cream with raspberry liqueur. So nice.
Thanks to Chef Sagar and the staff at Arth. DineLA was a lot of fun. Right in the heart of Culver City.

Wednesday October 6th

We stopped by Papille Gustative for DineLA 2021 and boy was it fun and delicious. This is a place to have a glass of sparkling wine and some gourmet Charcuterie. It is famously good. The prix fixe menu for DineLA was $45 and a real bargain. They do a great coffee and tea service in the morning. They serve breakfast and lunch. There were slices of pears, blueberries and for the Main we had a Charcuterie Board. In France, the cheese board is the dessert. The highest sought ingredient being runny cheese. Amuse Bouche is French for amuse the mouth. These are appetizers that are given out at a French restaurant. Papille Gustative started us out with some delicious, top of the line dates. We had the Blue Cheese Stuffed Nedjool Date.These were so good. We also tried the Butternut Squash Soup which was warm and tasty. This dish features a Weiser Family Farms Roasted Butternut Squash. The Pear and Blue Cheese Salad was out of this world. Enter Canyon Farms Arugula, spinach, Point Reyes Blue Cheese, Cirone Farms Pears, Adam’s Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil. There was blue cheese that was full of flavor, a half goat cheese/half cow milk parmesean that was really smooth. Erwin had a glass of champagne and I had a Apreol for the Insta. There’s a nice outdoor patio The salad was fresh. There were strawberries, some jam,and tasty nuts that added some crunch. We had so much good stuff. I highly recommend Papille Gustative on Main.

Papille Gustative

Monday October 11th, 2021
Oh My Crab O the night that we stopped by Oh My Crab on Melrose. Wow, what a fun experience! This place featured a $45 menu for DineLA. Wow, it’s so much good food. We stopped by on a windy night. The Santa Ana winds were whipping through LA. We got started with a pile of pirates garlic bread. We dunked it in the lemon pepper sauce. Its so good. To get started we had the main course of snow crab., shrimp, photo, clams, and corn. Everything arrives in a giant bag. I’ve had this kind of “shrimp boil” before but Oh My Crab is so delicious and the staff is so friendly. The staff all wore masks and there were only five people sitting indoors.
Oh My Crab serves food New Orleans style, which means everything is served in a plastic bag. By the end of our meal, our hands were covered in sauce, but we were so full. Oh My Crab serves quality sea food that is fresh and full of flavor. Stop by and try it!

Oh My Crab

Tuesday October 12th, 2021
West Hollywood
We stopped by Hugo’s for DineLA on the Sunset Strip. It was $35. We had Nachos. Crispy and yum. The chicken and rice was expertly presented. Our server insisted that we try the Very Green Casserole. It had broccolini, spinach, asparagus, zucchini and garlic. There was a tomato-basil pesto sauce. Tis dish is topped with a veggie patty. There is also goat cheese and mozzarella cheese. Served with a mixed green salad. We sat outdoors. The patio is nice.
We also tried the Chicken Carciofi. This is a chicken breast cooked in olive oil with vegetables. There were artichoke hearts, spinach tomato, garlic and olives. So many flavors that blended together.
Erwin tried the pan roasted salmon. Drizzled with white lemon butter, Erwin thought it was really good.
Try Hugo’s on the Sunset Strip.

Wednesday October 13th
Flavors From Afar
Flavors from Afar participated in DineLA. They specialize in global comfort food from afar. They have food from Belize, Egypt, Guatemala, Kenya, Palestine, Somalia and more. It was busy when we stopped by, but our server really took care of us. Flavors From Afar featured a $65 dinner for two. We tried the Somali Chicken Fried Rice Plate. Thus had juicy Halal Chicken Leg quarters, fried rice, potatoes, carrots and onions. It was really good. The dining area is right on the sidewalk. The Afghani Burani Banjan had panfried eggplant, tomato sauce and a mint yogurt sauce. It was really tasty. We thought that eggplant was really delicious. Eggplant is hard to cook with. Sometimes it comes out too soft or mushy. This eggplant was really fresh.
We also tried the Flautas. This comes with shredded chicken, potato, and cheese.

Erwin (L) and Sai (R)

Thursdsy October 14th
Imari in Bentwood
Imari is a restaurant that has been created by Philip Camino, David Schlosser, and Derek Wilcox. It features Washoku cuisine that is seasonal. They also have an amazing selection of sake. I tried the Vicy Catalan sparkling water which is very tasty. I started with the Agadashi tofu. This is tofu served in a dash sauce. This dish had a silky texture. It was so good.
Erwin tried the Fukuomachi which is a Tokubetsu Junmai from Akita. He aid it was super smooth. For starters we had the Chu-Toro. This dish has tuna, nagaimo and nori. Really good blend of flavors. We also had the Chicken Gyoza with chives and miso. Finally, I had the Uni-Gunkan from the west coast. This was really delicious. Uni is so tasty. It tastes like the ocean.
Stop by Imari in Brentwood for a delicious dining experience.

We got to stop by J. Gold hot spot Mayura. Dr. Padmini was there with her husband. The staff is top notch. The food is delicious. For DineLA, we started with an appetiser of the always delicious samosa. Fried delicately to perfection. The food at Mayura is so good. Set in a strip mall, Mayura is a celebrity and local favourite. The big dish that is so tasty is the Chicken Tikka Masala. The curry is delicious. This is top of the line curry from Kerala, India. Mayura is also famous for its daal and naan. So good. You can scoop up the curry with the naan. The Chana Masala is a savoury chick pea dish that is super tasty. It was spiced just right. We also had the mango lassi. This is a mango smoothie from India that is really delicious. Dr. Padmini took a minute to take a picture with Erwin. So glad to sit outside at Mayura. Looking forward to the next visit.

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