*House of iKons* Fashion Show Saturday 14th Feb. 2015

Special Event *FOR THE STARS* House of iKons
Presented by Lady K & Johny Pach
Feb. 14, 2015 on Molrose Ave.

7:30pm – Red carpet time!
Many actors, models, musians, designers stylists were invited that night :
Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio, Trinity Marquez, Megan Elizabeth, Darris Love, Gavyn Rhone, Mrs. Stef from Mokenstef, Candy Nicole, Dominic Pace, Julia Louiza, Mika, Naima, Francesca Marotta, Dominique Nicole, Anthony Walker, Johny Pach, Bai Ling, David Banks, Scott Engrotti, Mo Kelly, Jeremy Klein, Kyle Klein, Pol’Atteu, Patrik Simpson, Liz Fuller, Savita Kaye AKA Lady K, Sam Sarpong, Amber Nicole Irish, Jujo Ballo, Rolin, Marlee Monroe, Mandalynn Carlson, Barking Fire Couture, Catriona Hanly, Plastic Martyr, Adam Cook, Chelsea Windsor, Laci Kay, Lilimar, Santana Dempsey, Gregg Daniel, Xavier Madera, Phenix Benjamin, Scan Man, Shaireen Mansoor, Dalal, Nerony Elva, Aliah, Maariyah, Morgan, Leeyah, Sylvester, Vivian Lamolli, Grace Valerie, Kelleen, Lee Charm, Isatu Harrison of Izelia, Michael Wallace, Christina Rose, Jackie Marin, Desiree Tavares, Amber Lynn, Scott Watson, Louie Sabatasso, Toi, VVS Vision from Grind Till We Rich, Angel Raul Ferravi and Mary Naylor!!











9pm Fashion show started!
Designers include: Francesca Marotta, WA-Werner, Marmar Halim, Johnny Bagadiong, Catriona Hanly, Albert Martincich, Sherin Mansoor, Michael Wallace, Rose Perkins of Fashionsistas, Isatu Harrison of IZELIA.

The night was hosted by celebrity reporter Jonathan Pach, and performance from musical guests Sam Sarpong, Bethany Rae, Marlee Monroe, and Dawn Robinson.

It was packed at the runway stage area, unfortunately I couldn’t enter, however there were monitors inside of the store to view.

It was a fantastic night and amazing designers fashion show!

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