The California-based pizza company PIEOLOGY Pizzeria, founded in 2011.  There are already 28 stores opened in California and other states.  Culver City Downtown branch was opened in February 2015.

Pieology inside

The place has all clear glass windows you can see inside and very clean.

Friendly staffs welcome you when you enter the door and ask you which crust you would like, White or Wheat. It’s really nice that there is Wheat crust choice! Don’t worry, there is Gluten-Free choice too for $2.00 more. And next you will be asked which sauce you would like. Red Sauce? 3-Cheese Alfredo? Herb Butter? Olive Oil?? Staff recommended Herb Butter. I decided Red tomato sauce and Herb Butter. (Yes, you can choose more than 2.) And go to next toppings. Veggies and Meats.

Pieology toppings and staff

After you are satisfied with your toppings, the staff will put your pizza into the stone oven.

After 5 minutes, your creation pizza will be delivered to your table!

Pieology pizza and salad

We had a salad and 2 pizzas for 2 people.
I thought this 11.5″ pizza was big but the crust is very thin, I ate the whole pizza! Herb butter was a good choice. It was very tasty.

This is a great place for lunch and dinner if you are rushing or to relax. This is also great place to go with a group of people. Very fun with custom pizzas and share with friends!

Unlimited toppings for $7.95, Hand crafted, Stone oven fired and Ready in 5 minutes! Got time for pizza?

3850 Main St. SuiteA
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 280-9810

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