(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE) — WESTWOOD, CA — The Delphi Greek Restaurant and Bar in Westwood is taking orders for delivery and take out. Please support small businesses by ordering lunch today. In these difficult times of Coronavirus 19, being a good community member means staying at home.

Owner Roozbeh Farahanipour

The Delphi Greek restaurant is known for making quality food for events, catering and dining in. But with an order to stay home, they have switched to making take out and delivery. We got a chance to swing by Delphi Greek for a gyro and a delicious Cold Combo.

Everything was so fresh. The Cold Combo features Tzatziki, Mlitzanosalata, hummus, tabouli,kalmata olives, pita bread and sliced cucumber. If you’ve never tried these items, heres a run down. Hummus is made with garbanzo beans and lemon juice whipped together. Delphi’s hummus is delicious. The great thing about getting the Cold Combo delivered is that you can snack on all the different sauces. Another super tasty item is the Melitzanosalata. This is a Greek style babganoush and eggplant whipped together with greek yogurt and tahini. This has such a clean and delicious taste. The Tabouli is really good. Cracked wheat with tomatoes, parsley, green onions and mint. The Tabouli has a very unique flavor. It’s like a little salad with lots of flavor. The Tzatziki is one of my favorites. Greek yogurt, grated cucumber and a touch of mint.

The Cold Combo

If you get a chance to have a meal delivered from Delphi Greek Restaurant, you’ll be glad you did and you’ll be supporting the local community.

Order delivery at the Delphi Greek Restaurant here:

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