Tamarind of London in Newport Beach

The Experience Magazine recently had a unique dinning experience of the gourmet Indian food restaurant Tamarind of London. This place is a rare treat. It ranks up there as the best Indian Food in Orange County.

The Tandoori Prawns at Tamarind London
The Tandoori Prawns at Tamarind of London

An Orange County gourmet restaurant overlooking Crystal Cove and the Pacific Ocean.

The atmosphere at Tamarind of London is first class. When we walked into the restaurant, we were greeted by our friendly host, Nana.
Our server, Christian, was an incredible server providing top notch service. Christian provided explanation on each other menu items and how they are made. He is very knowledgeable and Christian took our drink orders and brought us three different chutney sauces to try.
Editor Dustin Brown at Tamarind of London in Newport Beach, California
Editor Dustin Brown at Tamarind of London in Newport Beach, California


The Quinoa Salad with avocado
The Quinoa Salad with avocado

Christian explained that executive chef Imran Ali prepares Tamarind of London’s dishes from scratch. The chutney appetizers were amazing. there was a mint chutney, a smoked tomato chutney and a tamarin chutney. I could’ve kept eating the in house made chips and chutney all night. Incredible flavor. The taste was subtle, gourmet and just the right amount of spice.

Our cocktails were handcrafted by the bartender with wonderful presentation. The Sharrfenberger sparkling wine really added to the meals flavor. We also tried the Mojito. It was well made and topped off with a lime and mint leaf.
One of the signature cocktails here is made with tequila and egg whites! This would be a fun drink to try!
Our trio of entrees
Our trio of entrees

Christian recommend some small plates to start out with. The Quinoa Salad with avocado, beets, radacchio and cilantro had an orange dressing. The flavor was distinctly Indian. We also sampled the Tandoori Tikka and Tandoori Grilled Prawns. Both dishes were expertly created by chef Ali. He balances the flavor with handmade chutney and pickled onions. I have never tasted Indian food so good. Also unique and delicious was the Garlic Naan. Such a gourmet take on this. It’s such an exceptional chance to sample Indian food at its highest level.

For our main entrees, we tried a vegetarian sampling of three of the best dishes on the menu. The Okra Masala had a spicy marsala sauce. The okra was cooked perfectly. The Smoked Eggplant was also tasty and unbelievably delicious. There were three eggplants with sauce and rice. It was so good. Every bite was better than the last. We also got to try the the Spiced Spinach. It features fresh baby spinach with cumin and garlic. It was prepared with care by chef Ali. It was very authentic and original.
We couldn’t leave Tamarind of London with out trying the the dessert. The sorbet is made in house and a perfect compliment to all the food. The Tandoori Pineapple was so unique. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything like this before. It had tandoori fired pineapple on a Financier cake and spiced ginger honey. There was also a pineapple espuma, coconut cream and mango sorbet. This was unbelievably good and such gourmet flavor.
The Tandoori Pineapple dessert
The Tandoori Pineapple dessert

We really loved our experience at Tamarind of London. We couldn’t have understood the menu and the food with the help of our server Christian Magnusen. We highly recommend Tamarind of London on your next visit to the coast while in orange County.


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