The Rooftop by JG – Waldorf Astoria, Beverly Hills

Los Angeles , CA – June 1st, 2017 – THE EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE got the privilege of attending the Rooftop by JG before opening to the public on June 1st.

Erwin Glaub from the Experience Magazine (L) with Chef John George
Erwin Glaub from the Experience Magazine (L) with Chef John George

We were seated where you had beautiful views of Beverly Hills and Hollywood. The weather was june gloom so we were not concerned with getting to much sun and did not need the usual sun umbrella provided which was good for better views.IMG_2213
Before going to the rooftop we were at the hotel bar enjoying a glass of champagne with chambord. The bar service is delightful and personal and very relaxing with a view of the front desk area. There is chandelier that is really beautiful in that area.

Amazing view from Rooftop by JG
Amazing view from Rooftop by JG

For our first course we were served a dip consisting of fresh hummus and crudite. The hummus was like one we have never had before. It had fresh chickpeas ground with different herbs blended in which really brought out the fresh flavor of the chickpeas.
It had very little oil added just enough to make a great blend. It was served with the traditional pita but also came with a variety of sliced and whole veggies. The small sliced beets brought out the fresh chickpea taste. Most likely the best hummus in town!


For our next snack we were served watermelon and goat cheese which also consisted of olive oil and cracked white pepper.
It was sliced into to cubes with a very eye appealing presentation. This was a great pallete cleanser in prepartion for out next course.


For our next course, we had the Kale salad with wild salmon on the side prepared exactly the way we wanted The kale was shredded very fine and chili mint dressing was made to perfection. JG likes to use chili a lot in his preparations. This brings out the flavor of the dish without recognizing the chili by itself. The combo with the grilled wild salmon was a perfect combination for
this course.


For our main course we had the crispy fish tacos grilled with chipotle mayo and spicy cabbage. The spicy cabbage was shredded
and went along well the chipotle mayo and made for mouth watering tacos.


Last but not least for dessert we had the dark chocolate chery browine and sour cherry sorbet serverd with a latte. The cherry brownie and cherry sorbet made for a double treat. The brownie was very moist and the whole dessert just melted in your mouth!

We were invited to the main fine dining lounge downstaris where JG was cooking up a storm in his kithcen for many vip guests before the
grand opening today. He was very gracious and took photos with us in his kitchen. We were offered to order from the main dining room menu but were already very satisfied from the rooftop experience. We settled for some fine wine and teas to top the night off. There is
also a very nice patio area to dine. This is a Michelin rated dining at its best and a great evening for THE EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE.

Check out the website to Rooftop by JG;

The Rooftop by JG

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