Natural Products Expo West 2018

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE) – Anaheim, Ca., March 7th, 2018 – This show seems to get better and bigger every year. Even before the main showroom floor opens there is a big tent outside the convention center with lots of interesting new products to sample.

This year there was a new expo space to showcase products. This hall is so big it took us all day to talk and see the products from the vendors. With limited time it was good that we attended the day before the main convention center opened to see many new developments in the natural foods sector.For the main convention floor it seems to be divided up into food products, cosmetics and vitamins. There is also a basement floor where you will see some of the lesser known brands and food items. This is one show where it seems unnecessary to go to the food court. There are many food demos going on where you can sample many great items like the latest and greatest vege-burger.

The press room this year was really scaled back and they now seem to put press into different catagories. The reason being that everyone and there grandmothers are bloggers now and want to attend the show. By attending the show you will find products that you can help promote. With THE EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE we discovered the THE PERFECT BAR at the press room a couple of years back and now use it all the time. By attending the show you will be able to sample products that you have thought of buying but held back because you were not sure but now can purchase easily because of trying out at the show.We were very impressed with Brittanie’s Time, an organic skin care line for sensitive skin care. We tried out some of there products and were very impressed with the results and reccomend this product to our viewers.

Daiya is a dairy free cheese product that we tried out and also liked and continue to buy at whole foods or sprouts. They had a very nice booth that was serving there products and we were able to try out many different samples. There were too many booths to try out everything but discovered many new products by attending the show. We will be back next year to discover some more.

As far as treats are concered we loved Ethel’s Baking company. They gave an assortment to try out and the Turtle Dandy consisting of decadent layers of caramel, chocolate,and tossed pecans nestled over a buttery shortbread was one of the best sweet treats that we had and we sampled the few containers that they gave us quickly.

When companies like Ethels give out a great assortment to try out later it pays for them because we spread the word and our followers trust us and we save them the time and money of buying many products when we give them the shortcut
to greatness!

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