LA Times Food Bowl 2018

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Los Angeles, CA THE EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE attended the opening night of  The Los Angeles Times Food Bowl. This is a premiere event that goes on the whole month of May and has everything the L.A foodie is looking for. Jonathan Gold gave out the best restaurant of the year to Taco Maria in Newport Beach and Mr.Gold said it is worth the 3 hour drive. The chef accepted the award but delined himself to be the best restaurant because he really said that there are so many great restaurants and chefs in L.A. To start out we had a Thai beer and headed to the cheese table which was set up really nicely with all the extras to start out the appetite.It was from DTLA Cheese from Grand Central Market. My fave dish was the Sahm Salad from Night and Market. The salad consisted of Shanghai bok choy, lots of fresh herbs, peanut brittle, a very tasty spicy thai vinaigrette, ranch dressing and crispy shallots. the dressing was made to perfection to bring out all the flavors of the salad. Things in a bowl was the theme for the launch party at Rossoblu, City Market South. The setting there was very spacious, there was a D.J and also some Taiko Japanese drumming. The bar was serving artisan cocktails.

Publisher of the Experience Magazine Erwin Glaub (L) with top LA Times Food Critic Jonathan Gold (R)

Chef Carlos Salgado of Taco Maria in Costa Mesa was given the Restaurant of the Year award. Curtis said it was all in good fun and “there really isn’t a “best” restaurant in Los Angeles. and he said there are so many good restaurants in LA. Jonathan Gold told the Experience Magazine that the three hour drive to Taco Maria in Costa Mesa was worth it just to try some of chef Carlos’ creations.

People came ready to eat!

Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger of Border Grill were on hand to  accept the Los Angeles Times Gold Award.The opening night event was a lot of fun and there were delicious plates for everyone to sample.

 Japanese chef Yoshihiro Narisawa from Shibumi was at the event and food from Night Market,  Chengdu Taste, Rossoblu, DTLA Cheese, Scopa Italian Roots, Honey’s Kettle, and Locol.
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018
Food Bowl Hollywood at the Spare Room ~ Roosevelt Hotel
Photo by Devin Berko
Chef Joe making his delicious fruit salad. Photo by Devin Berko
Chef Darren (R) preparing his green noodles. Photo by Devin Berko
The Food Bowl continued its month long series with a Food Bowl Hollywood edition. Foodies from all over LA eagerly sampled plates from Winsome’s chef Joe Perez and Chef Darren Sayphraraj.

We Have Noodles featured a green noodle dish with broccolini, fried shallots and kale. This was the best veggie dish of the night. Chef Joe had prepared  a delicious fruit salad that popped. This dish had heirloom tomatoes, whipped ricotta, plum, a corn soubise sauce, quinoa for a little crunch and green strawberry. What a great combination of flavors.

Guests drank cocktails that were painstakingly prepared by hand at the bar.
Chef Joe’s fruit salad
LA Food Bowl ~ Thursday, May 3rd, 2018. Photo by
 THE EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE went to THINGS IN A BOWL for the third night of this great L.A. Times event. We took the scenic route down the P.C.H. to Manhattan Beach passing by the famous Hyperion treatment plant. We went to Little Sister which is a couple of blocks from the pier as we will be walking that after our bowl there.

We had the vietnamese chicken curry with bone in. I think that Jonathan Gold
would really like this dish. It had hints of lemongrass, new potatoes,and fresh herbs.
It was served with a very fresh tasting baguette, sauces and sambal. After going
to the opening night party and another event at the Spare Room this was my fave
bowl so far. It was very aromatic and the combination of herbs, vegetables, and chicken were put together in a perfect blend. Our host Ruya Ozbilen explained the concept of the bowl. We recommend  going to Little Sister and trying this great bowl!!



A Thai Tribute for Tui Sungkamee from Jitlada 5-8-18

The Experience Magazine’s Erwin Glaub had the priviledge of attending the Thai Food Bowl on Tuesday night, May 8th. Celebrity chefs, famous animators and Jonathan Gold were all on hand to try some gourmet Thai offerings. Tui Sungkamee was a legendary chef in Thai Town. He changed the way people saw Southern Thai cuisine. Tui had been fighting cancer and passed away last October. Jitlada is the restaurant that Tui and his sister Jazz started in Los Angeles back in the 1970s.
LA Times Food Writer Jonathan Gold (L) with Erwin Glaub (R)
Simpson’s creator Matt Groening (L) with Erwin Glaub (R)
The excitment for the evening was an appearance by Matt Groening who is the creator of the Simpsons. Mr Groening is a foodie and he was enjoyong some serious Thai Food at the Event.
Chef Louis Tikaram from E.P. & L.P.’s bowl
Jet Tila’s Khao Yum
Erwin Glaub at the LA Times Food Bowl 2018

Chef Roy Choy was offering a delicious Spicy Fried Chicken with Cheese Corn. Famous for their amazing rooftop and gourmet comfort food, Louis Tikaram from EP & LP served up a tasty Fish & Wild Ginger Sauce with Kanom Jin Noodles.

Chef Louis Tikaram from EP & LP  holding his baby talks to his wife at LA Food Bowl. Photo by
Jet Tila had a Jasmine Rice Salad with lemongrass, mango, coconut and chili. Each bowl was more delicious than the last. The Food Bowl is in its second week with two more weeks to go. The Experience Magazine will be covering the food and attendees as it happens.
Check out the listing for future Food Bowl events here

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