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Los Angeles – November, 2016 – I just got my new hat in the mail from American Hat Makers. What a great surprise it was. To be honest, I thought it would cost a lot of money to buy one of their hats, but it really wasn’t expensive. They have a great catalog that features unique designs like Ashbury Hats, VooDoo Hater, Steampunk Hatter and my personal favorite is the SolAir Hats line of cool hats. There are other lines including a Western style brand called Double G hats and some cool outback hats that are made in America. These stylish hats are seen on celebrities on the red carpet and at fashion events in Hollywood. What celebrity in particular? There are too many to mention.
Here’s a bit about American Hat Makers; The founder is Gary Watrous. Gary started selling hats in the 1970s out of the back of his car. Head’n Home Hats has become a great American success story over the last forty years. Head’n Home Hats now makes one off, individually crafted hats and does iconic and distinctive styles. This is a family owned and operated business that has a passion for making original styles that fit any occasion. Gary’s son, Garth, continues with Gary’s vision. Each hat is handcrafted in the home office located in Watsonville, Ca.


American Hat Makers has a lifetime guarantee on their hats. They will back the workmanship on each hat unconditionally.
Head’n Home Hats has so many looks, it’s hard not to find something that represents your own personal style.
The Ashbury line of hats is an exclusive line of hats designed by Ruby Agresta from Ruby Roxanne Designs. These luxurious hats feature the finest materials and are known for the leather cuff on the brim of the hat. For the rebellious lifestyle, the Voodoo line of hats blends iconic looks with quality materials. These hats are so unique. They provide a unique look that creates individual style. From rockers to bikers these hats are individually made to make a statement.

From from the Steampunk line
From from the Steampunk line

The Steampunk Hatter line are some of the most distinctive and original looking hats in fashion. To describe these hats would be to describe Steampunk itself. Head’n Home Hats describes these hats as Victorian grace with western villainy in the retro-future world. There are hats with rich burgundy velvet, there are stripped top hats, hats with zippers, hats with bats laser engraved on them. There are hats with clocks, hats with tiny guns. I think you get the idea. This line of hats is a smorgasbord of amazing Steampunk fashions. Going through the catalogue is like being at a museum. Each hat is like an individual work of art. I’m particularly fond of the Cavalier hat that is reminiscent of 17th century England under King Charles. The Pirate hat comes with its own Ostrich feather. All of the hats are so original and striking. They are sure to make anyone wearing one stand out from the crowd.
The hat that I ordered was from the Sol Air line of hats. While these aren’t as fun and full of personality as say the Steampunk hats, The SolAir line offers me what I’m looking for. A stylish and iconic hat that keeps the California sun off my head when I’m walking around on the beach without a shade tree in sight. This line of hats allows you to look like Waylon Jennings while not wearing felt or leather. The light weight material is crushable ( very important to me ) and waterproof ( also important ). The Breeze hat is the crown jewel member of the Sol Air line. The Breeze has a leather top and brim which provides UV protection. The crown is nylon mesh with is lightweight and breathable. The Cabana style hat is very lightweight and durable. This is the hat that I ordered. It’s a beautiful hat. I’m looking forward to packing in my suitcase to see if it holds its shape and lives up to the hype. The brim and the top of the hat are laminated. This gives the hat its ability to block the suns rays. I’ve been wearing my SolAir hat on the beach lately and I just love everything about it.

From the Voodoo Line
From the Voodoo Line – EL DORADO – BUFFALO BAND

Head’n Home Hats make truly unique artisan hats. A family owned business based in California, this company delivers a quality hat to your home. Wether you’re in the market for an exceptional cowboy hat or a quality mesh hat for the golf course, head’n Home Hats is the place to shop. Check out their website here;

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