dineL.A. 2020 at Leah Adler’s ~ The Milky Way

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE)  Los Angeles, CA — Thursday, September 10th, 2020 — In the exclusive Pico-Robertson neighbourhood, there’s a destination restaurant known as the Milky Way. This kosher dining establishment serves up tasty American comfort food and is currently open for outdoor dining. 

Leah Adler was an amazing woman who raised Steven Spielberg and his three sisters. Leah famously ran the Milky Way until she passed away in 2017. The Milky Way is known in the Jewish Community both locally and around the world.

The Milky Way has a clever collection of Steven Spielberg movie posters and there’s even a clapper board from the movie Jaws. Photo by Dustin Brown

dineL.A. for summer of 2020 is featuring a lot of outdoor dining and social distancing. This year marks the 10th year of the event sponsored by American Express. The festival celebrates the city’s diverse culture and introduces people to new culinary experiences.

Impossible Burger at the Milky Way

The dineL.A.  menu at the Milky Way was a fun $45 offering. We got right down to business and ordered the Caesar salad and the guacamole and chips. These were both first course selections from the dineL.A. menu. The Caesar salad was a hardy serving of Romaine and Parmesan cheese. The house made croutons were done perfectly. Quite often, you order a Caesar salad and its swimming in dressing. The staff at the Milky Way tossed the salad evenly. The Guac and Chips were really good.The guacamole was super fresh. I know how expensive avocados are. They really give you a nice serving of guacamole. 

Delicious Caesar salad

For the entree selection we had the Fettuccini with wild mushrooms and artichokes. This was a tasty noodle dish with a light creamy sauce.

The Fettuccine at the Milky Way with a light cream sauce

We also tried an Impossible burger. It was delicious. The Sesame seed bun was toasted perfectly, and all of the ingredients were of perfect proportions. I had lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and American cheese. Im so glad I got to try the Impossible burger at the Milky Way. This is my new favourite place to get an Impossible burger. That’s what great about dineL.A, you get to try out places that you normally wouldn’t try. We sat out on the outdoor dining area and I felt really safe. I had not eaten out at a restaurant for five months, so it was a real pleasure to get to do it. 


The Experience Magazine visits the Milky Way for dineL.A. 2020. All photos by Dustin Brown
Chocolate mousse pie

For dessert, and also from the dineL.A. menu, we tried the chocolate mousse pie and slice of carrot cake. It was a great way to end our night. We look forward to going back to the Milky Way in Los Angeles!

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