dineLA Restaurant Week January 17 – 31, 2020 [Blue Plate Taco]


January 27, 2020 – The Experience Magazine chose Blue Plate Taco in Santa Monica for dineLA. It was a beautiful Monday evening. The restaurant location was perfect to see the sunset. It’s near the Santa Monica Pier.

When you enter inside, you see counter seats, a TV, tables, beautiful round lighting fixtures on ceiling and interesting patterned floor. They have a patio area with heaters and blankets. Patio has some star fixture lights and colorful lights. It feels very festive.


dineLA menu at Blue Plate Taco:
FIRST COURSE: Guacamole & Chips or Ceviche Mixto or Taquitos
SECOND COURSE: Taco Plate or Fajitas
THIRD COURSE: Grateful Spoon Gelato

First Course, we had Guacamole & Chips  and Ceviche Mixto (lobster, calamari, shrimp, pomegranate, pickled onion).  Salted homemade chips and guacamole/salsa were great to start. Guacamole was simple yet it was too quick to see under the ball… Their Ceviche was also nice seafood mix, it was refreshing taste. Our waitless Gabriella was checking with us if we are ready for Second Course. She said the Second Course comes very quickly.

Gabriella was right, we got Second Course fast.  Our Second Course were Taco Plates. Their fish (Red Snapper) you can choose fried or grilled. I choose grilled. Both Taco Plates were beautifully plated, and a lot of ingredients! I couldn’t wrap it with a corn tortilla. Three tacos, rice and beans filled me up!

Taco Plate: Fish (left) and Veggie (right).

We were very satisfied with our meal. I almost forget about the Third Course! Gelato!  Gelato choices were Chocolate Mint / Pistachio / Raspberry. We had Chocolate Mint and Pistachio. Nice dessert to finish.

Over all, the dineLA menu was great deal for what you get!  Blue Plate Taco is also famous for margaritas! So do not forget to try if you ever visit. and… this is my opinion but check their bathroom decor.

And enjoy the sunset while you are dining there!

1515 Ocean Ave.
Santa Monica, CA
(310) 458-2985

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