(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE) — LOS ANGELES, CA —  The Experience Magazine recently stopped by Upper West to sample the delicious dineLA menu. Upper West has become a true Los Angeles foodie destination. From local families to big parties, Upper West is a great spot to dine. The place was packed when we stopped by this last Tuesday.

A real friendly  atmosphere at Upper West

Chef Nick is such a great chef. He has been a driving force at Upper West creating and serving up incredible gourmet food. It seems like Chef Nick is always there. Having a real chef prepare your food is a real treat. Chef Nick is one of my absolute favorite celebrity chef’s in Los Angeles. The menu at Upper West has all kinds of dishes. Chef Nick will customize something for you. Chef Nick is a top vegetarian chef. Although he reluctant to tell you about it. We started with the Corn Soup and let me just say – Wow! A lady at the table next to us asked us what it was. It looks amazing, it tastes like heaven. Go to Upper West, try the Corn Soup! I should mention that we got a chance to have a cocktail from the bar. Upper West’s bar is just as famous as the restaurant. There are celebrities at the bar, there are families that have been coming for years. Upper West is really a sort of a Hollywood crowd with local feeling place. Some local people don’t know about Upper West, but for those who do, it is a real gem for the Los Angeles culinary scene.

The Corn Soup is top notch
The Honey Rye Cocktail ~ So tasty

So we tried a cocktails and it was just top notch incredible. I had the Honey Rye. It features Sazerac Rye, honey and bitters. Hand crafted and so delicious.
The Burrata is really nice here. This dish features apple, blackberry, tomato, some basil a touch of dill and a crispy baguette. All set around a delicious blob of burrata cheese. Yum. I love this Burrata.

Dustin Brown enjoying a Honey Rye
Tuna Tacos ~ Crispy and delicious
The Chicken Tawook is a must try

Winter dineLA was held from January 17th to January 31st. The prix-fixe menu is a great way to sample some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. From the dineLA Main Course Menu, I had the Chicken Tawook. I’ve had this dish in the past at Upper West. I like this dish. It has a Mediterranean flavor with tasty chicken. However, Chef Nick did something to the Chicken Tawook to super drive it. Wow! You MUST try this dish. I’m so glad dineLA allows me to sample so many gourmet menus. Upper West is such a bargain with the dineLA menu.

So, the Chicken Tawook, this dish features chicken thighs. Chicken Thighs were a hot dish in gourmet dining and luckily, some chefs keep perfecting them. The chicken thigh meat is tastier than a chicken breast. It also absorbs flavor better than other cuts of chicken. So, Chef Nick marinate the chicken thighs in tomato and yogurt. There are chickpeas, spinach, little bits of apricot. Theres a pico de gallo, which is foodie code for salsa. Chef Nick makes a tasty pico de gallo. The whole dish ~ Delicious.

The Chocolate Mousse Crunch Cake for dessert. Roasted marshmallows, peanut butter ice cream, coffee and a strawberry puree

I also got a chance to try the tuna tacos from the appetizer menu. I could’ve eaten four more of these babies! Crunchy, sushi grade fish. I want to go back and eat a pile of these.
In closing, I just want to say, Upper West is a really cool restaurant in Los Angeles that you have to try. It’s located on 33rd and Pico right where the 10 Freeway goes over Pico. They have valet parking. Stop by to check out Upper West for a unique experience.

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