DPA Luxury Gift Lounge 2018

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE) — JANUARY 4, 2018 — The Experience Magazine stopped by the upscale Luxe hotel in Beverly Hills located on one of the most famous streets in the world, Rodeo drive. Natalie Dubois is the host to this famous pre awards gift lounge. Celebrities and vendors from all over the world came together to sip a little champagne, receive a few luxury gifts and raise money and awareness for charitable causes.

This piece from Arido jewelers is worth a fortune!

This years event that took place in the days leading up to the 75th Golden Globes was star studded with A listers. The swag bags that they received were full of amazing products.
I was blown away by Arido. This is a jewelry line that makes million dollar jewelry pieces. Arido loans out luxury pieces for A list celebrities to wear on the red carpet. The representative from Arido said the box of jewelry at the event was with 50 million dollars. The pieces were amazing. Of course there was gold, diamonds, and other semi precious stones. Each piece was more amazing than the last.

Lisa Young Lee was gifting gorgeous jewelry and essential oils

One of the coolest vendors at this years gift lounge was Lisa Young Lee. She had a collection of luxury healing stones. Miss Lee is a Reiki practitioner from Cape Breton. Her unique line seeks to restore harmony to people who wear it. She has a line of oil called Gem Stone Essence that smells amazing.

Caytha Jentis at the 2018 Pre-Awards Gift Lounge in Beverly Hills

Caytha Jentis was promoting her Amazon project called “The Other F Word”. The swag bags she was handing out included items from TomboyX, Unbound, SpaHa Soul LIQS. Caytha had a lot of fun at the event and was posing for photos with Vincent Rodriquez from Crazy Ex Girlfriend and Alexandra Billings from Transparent among others. “The Other F Word” is now streaming Season 2 on Amazon.

Celebrities and vendors enjoyed beautiful weather on the penthouse of the Luxe hotel

There were so many great products at the gift suite this year. Nathan Dubois and DPA have been putting on these wonderful events for many years now.
Alessandra was on hand with Honey Hive Soaps. These are handmade bath and body products that smell wonderful.

Awesome Bluetooth speakers from My Audio Pet

My Audio Pet was gifting pairable wireless speakers. A tiny bluetooth speaker in the shape of a cow called Moozart is a lot of fun and sounds great. There was one in the shape of a bat called SonarSonata. These speakers can be connected together and play in stereo which is really cool. There is also a line of wooden bluetooth speakers called Woodulisten. The design is natural and elegant. The wood actually resonates the sound and gives it a warm sound.
Turia My Pearl from Tahiti were gifting Tahitian Pearls. These pearls are harvested from remote islands and have a unique and distinctive look.

The Love Light Compassion Foundation was raising awareness for their charity

The Love Light Compassion Foundation was at the event raising awareness for their cause. The Love Light Compassion Foundation provides emergency financial support to patients and their families while navigating a major medical crisis.

There was so much tasty food and drink at the event. Kyes’s provided their Vegan Black Bean Brownies.


Chef Turok with his gourmet cheesecake

Chef Turok had the Best Damn Cheesecake you’ll ever try. Being a cheesecake lover, I tried a sample. It was the best cheesecake I’ve ever had in Beverly Hills! Beautiful presentation as well. Baked by Sha Sha is a Los Angeles boutique bakery that was gifting delicious cookies. One of the more unique food products at the event was Appletinies.


The representatives from Austria were dressed in Lederhosen. They were gifting a snack that was tiny bits of Apple covered in chocolate. Appletinies are so delicious.

DPA put on such a wonderful luxury gift lounge for the 75th Golden Globes. We look forward to future DPA events.



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