EcoLuxe Lounge Honoring the 66th Primetime EMMY Nominees

EcoLuxe Lounge
EcoLuxe Lounge


Ecoluxe Lounge
Ecoluxe Lounge

I was lucky enough to go to the EcoLuxe Lounge in Beverly Hills for the Pre Emmy Gift Suite. Debbie Durkin has produced this invite only, super exclusive event for eight years. It was located in the Penthouse of the Beverly Hilton. When I arrived for this event, there were already many young celebrities and presenters enjoying the suite.The MTV VMAs were that night and the Emmy Awards were on Monday night. A lot of celebrities and Show Business people were in town for the events.

The first product I noticed was the posture t-shirt by Align Med. I had read about this in the Wall Street Journal. It’s a sort of Neuro Skin shirt that supports your muscles and gives you proper posture. Getting the right size is so important. Unfortunately, I got a size too small. It’s really hard to breath in. I’d like to to try a size larger. I just love high concept products like this.

Claudia Wells from the Back to The Future movie was taking pictures with everyone. She looks fabulous. She’sjust a lot of fun to be around. Such a positive energy. She was promoting her clothing store in Studio City, Armani Wells. Claudia gave me a beautiful dress shirt that hasembroidery on the collar. Ill be sure to visit her shop the next time I’m in Studio City.

Let me just mention that the EcoLuxe Lounge had a full bar and delicious hours d’oeuvres. DJ Dime was playing music near the dance floor. The after party went until 11:00pm.  It’s such a cool space. Debbie Durkin’s gift suites are verychic and have a reputation for being a lot of fun.

Designer Marc Roscoe was at the EcoLuxe lounge. He wasimpeccable dressed and gave me a beautiful gift of silknecktie with a matching handkerchief. I was really just admiring it. The colors are just gorgeous. He picked it up and said, “Here this is for you!” The material is so luxurious. It features a light blue background with goldendragons. It was a pleasure to meet him. His designer gowns are all one of a kind. I’d love to see his stuff at a fashion show. Such cool colors. Beautiful materials.

Serengeti eye ware had “to die for” sunglasses at the event. I love these glasses. They’re good for driving becausethey’re lightweight. They had great styles and new frames that would look good on any MTV or Emmy presenter.

There were several products having to do with dogs. There was an adorable lap dog running around with perfectly coifed hair. John Paul pet products gifted me a bottle of pet shampoo that looks like it will be great for your doggies skin. Also for pets, was the Rein Coat. This is the premier calming coat for dogs. You may have heard about it on the news. It gives nervous pets a calming hug.

Canine Caviar’s holistic Alkaline based pet foods also presented items. The doggies gobbled this stuff up.

The Baylee Nasco luxury pet beds come in exotic patterns and colors. Dogs just love these oversized pet beds. The materials are so soft.

Vyspasseti Cake Pops had a treasure trove of white chocolate Pops, treats and cookies. I’m sure the young celebrities that I saw in attendance filled their gift bags with these items.

I grabbed a couple of the JAndre cosmetic sponges. These are all natural and amazing for women applying makeup.

What a great event! There was a very young crowd. I’m sure the dance floor filled up as the night went on. It was such a pleasure to meet all the new people here.







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