European Skin and Massage Studio in Santa Monica

was invited to try a European style facial in Santa Monica. The European Skin and Massage Studio is located right off Palisades Park. We met Margaret Tomaszewicz
at the secret room gift suite at the SLS hotel in beverly Hills for the Emmys gifting suite. Margaret invited us to experience a one hour facial.

IMG_0718The facial consisted of a very relaxing facial massage after a deep cleansing using
a facial steamer.
After the cleaning she did a very detailed pore cleaning under magnification.
Any impurities were removed from the face. There was a
continuation of facial and neck massage.

IMG_0719The final stage was a face mask. This part was very relaxing because after
the mask is put on you just lay back in your chair and let the mask dry. It tightens up your face. When the mask is taken off, moisturizer and sun screen
were applied. Your face will be glowing, as we experienced, and we highly reccommend
you trying it out for yourself.

Erwin Glaub from the Experience Magazine enjoying a facial
Erwin Glaub from the Experience Magazine enjoying a facial

European Skin and Massage Studio
WODA European Natural Skin Care
Margaret Tomaszewick
1333 2nd.St. #100 suite 23
Santa Monica, CA. 90401

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