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(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE)  Santa Monica, CA — Monday, June 4th, 2018 — The Experience Magazine recently stopped by FIG The Restaurant located in the posh Fairmont Miramar hotel in Santa Monica. Chef Jason Prendergast is the Executive Chef at FIG. He’s overseeing the creation of farm-to-table seasonal items that are locally sourced and so delicious. The menu at FIG is a Mediterranean influenced American Bistro fare. It turns out, this is an excellent combination. FIG is a secret hideaway location in the middle of a busy city. People come to FIG for many reasons. There’s the food, the atmosphere and so much more. The food is amazing. Also, the Happy Hour, which is only available at the bar, is one of the best happy hours on the Westside. The four star Hotel Fairmont Miramar, where FIG is located, is a luxury level hotel that has busy ballrooms and events spaces. So there are many types of people who dine at FIG. In local food circles, FIG is known as being one of the coolest and most delicious places in town.

Writer and photographer Dustin Brown (L) with publisher Erwin Glaub (R) at FIG in Santa Monica, Ca.
We came to FIG to sample the tasting menu. Our server, Raul, is another reason people frequent FIG. We know this because the father and son sitting next to us told us that they come to FIG because of Raul. Raul can recommend items from the menu and is an excellent person to recommend drinks from the bar. Raul has recently become a sommelier and knows his wines. He can pair a wine for any occasion.
The entry to FIG

Moscow Mule
The first thing we wanted to try at FIG was the Bread Balloon. This is a signature starter at FIG and it’s featured at the top of the menu. The Bread Balloon shows off the Mediterranean influences. Baked in the wood fired oven, this balloon of bread is fun to tear apart and dip into the hand crafted sides. We had hummus, yogurt and baba ganoush. Someone sitting next to us came in just to have the Bread Balloon. The dipping sides are expertly made. Each one has a subtle blend of flavors. The yogurt has a light and lemony flavor. The baba ganoush is savory. You can taste the flavor without it being overwhelming. While we were munching on this, Raul recommended we try a Moscow Mule. It was the perfect start to our meal.
Tomato and Radish Salad at FIG
Oven roasted Brussels Sprouts with feta
Our next starter was the Kampachi from Baja. This fish is wild caught and harvested humanely. It was crispy on the outside and moist and flakey on the inside. Next up was a crispy potato dish topped with aioli cheese and a tiny bit of peppers. This dish a perfect combination of sweet and tart. We also had Tomato and Radish Salad. This offering features mint, feta cheese and Zinfandel vinaigrette. This is a delicious salad. The ingredients come from the Santa Monica Farmers Market. The heirloom tomatoes are locally sourced and so fresh.
Crispy potatoes with tomato sauce were so good!
Veggie Fetuccini
We also got to try a Squash dish that featured Weiser Heirloom Squash from Weiser Family Farms. This non-GMO, locally grown dish, blends squash with herbs, feta and Romesco. Romesco is a Spanish nut and red pepper-based sauce. This squash was so tasty. Chef Jason seems to be an expert in blending herbs and spices together so you can taste the flavor.
The Kampachi was fresh and delicious


As we prepared for our entree, Raul recommend a 2015 Napa Valley Dragon’s Tooth. This wine blends flavors of blackberry and cracked pepper. Raul really knows how to recommend a scrumptious wine and our Mary’s Roasted Chicken arrived at the same time as the Dragon’s Tooth. This dish, along with a veggie Fettuccine with peas and mushrooms was the main event for the evening. The English peas were mixed with Morel and Shiitake mushrooms. This entree was over the top with seasoning and taste. The chicken was a work of art. This dish had the flavor, the tenderness, everything came together here. Every once in a while, I get to eat a chicken dish that just knocks me out. This was one of those times. We ate it all. Wow, what a meal!
Mary’s Roasted Chicken at Fig
Raul recommended the 2015 Napa Valley Dragon’s Tooth. A perfect match for our meal
To clear our palates before dessert, Raul recommended the honey stuffed dates. Chef Jason uses the honey to flavor the feta just a tiny bit. This little bite was not too sweet and not too filling.
This prepared us for the gluten free Almond Cake. Chef turns the almonds into flour and adds a touch of white chocolate. We also got to try the deconstructed Tiramisu. I thought I tasted the Mascarpone cheese and a bit of cocoa powder.  These desserts were a perfecting ending to our Epicurean tour through the FIG menu.
Erwin Glaub (L) with Raul (R)
The dining room was full and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves very much

Chef Jason Prendergast has elevated FIG to a new level. I’ve been eating at FIG for about four years. I love stopping by the bar when I’m in the area, and I’ve tried so many great things at FIG. You have to stop by and try a few things.

Almond Cake. Such amazing taste!

The entire team at FIG works hard to treat guests like VIPs. By the end of our meal, the dining room at FIG was packed. Everyone really seemed to be enjoying the food, the atmosphere and the professional staff. The Experience Magazine recommends that you stop by FIG The Restaurant in Santa Monica!

The Deconstructed Tiramisu
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