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(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE) — AUGUST 27, 2017 — The Lexus Grand tasting at Los Angeles Food & Wine is the number one summer foodie event of the year. This year was no acceptation as wines from over 200 wineries an 25 celebrity chefs got together for a massive gourmet food throw down. Wyclef Jean performed on the stage as people minced and sipped on the top food from the city.

Publisher of the Experience Magazine  Erwin Glaub (L) with celebrity chef Ricardo Zarate (R)

A few items of note were the; Santa Barbara ridge back prawn head and onion ash grapes. Chef Justin Abram put this bite together. He resides at Girasol in Studio City. This dish even featured a stinging nettle Aioli! The flavors combine to make a gourmet bite. Its hard to describe the textures with this bite. It was so good and a great way to start our evening.

One of the celebrity chef’s that is a staple to Los Angeles and the LA Food & Wine festival is chef Nguyen Tran dressed as a banana. He was serving his famous tofu balls. Some people love em and some people hate Chef Tran’s balls. They are a unique feature of the Los Angeles food scene.

A few of the gourmet bites at the Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival ~ 2017. Photo credit courtesy of Coastal Luxury Management

Chef Tran and his wife Thi are famous for their pop up restaurant Starry Kitchen which is no closed. Chef Trans tofu balls live on!

Chef Tran in banana coustume(R) on the red carpet with guests. Photo credit courtesy of Coastal Luxury Management
Chef Eric Greenspan (L) with Erwin Glaub from the Experience Magazine

Chef Vartan Abgaryan was also serving luxe bites and chatting to festival goers. Having left Cliff’s Edge as executive chef, Chef Vartan, now resides at downtown Los Angeles’ 71 Above located on the 71st floor of the US Bank tower. Chef Vartan has been a celebrity chef on Los Angels for many years. His food is as beautiful to look at as it is to eat.

Photo credit courtesy of Coastal Luxury Management

Chef Mark Mollica from Santa Monica’s La Vecchio Cucina offered a tasty Maine Lobster Ravioli. This dish featured pink lobster with a cognac sauce. It had lobster, asparagus, a thin slice of tomato and a touch of Lemon Zest. This was the surprise taste of the night.

There were so many gourmet bites this year and so much delicious wine. The Experience Magazine was honored to cover the Los Angels Food & Wine Festival for 2017 and we look forward to attending next year!

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