Locanda Veneta for Dine LA Summer 2017

EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE – Dine LA for the summer of 2017 saw the Experience Magazine at Los Angeles favorite, Locanda Veneta. This is a real-deal Italian restaurant located in the exclusive West Third Street neighborhood of Los Angeles. This place is a year around go to for large families, celebrities and anyone who enjoys gourmet Italian dining. Starting out at this location in 1988, Locanda Veneta has been serving great Italian food with a top notch staff. Chef Andre is a Master Chef who has a passion for creating memorable dishes. Named as a top chef by Best Chefs America, Chef Andre is the owner of Locanda Veneta. He makes in house ravioli and other handmade pastas.


You can taste the flavors of Florence or Venice, depending on the dish.
The staff at Locanda Veneta are so helpful and knowledgable. Our waiter recommended a Chianti Reserve. This is a red wine from the Tuscany region of Italy. The flavor is so smooth and the wine complimented everything we dined on.

The minestrone at Locanda Veneta blends fresh vegetables for a delicious soup
The minestrone at Locanda Veneta blends fresh vegetables for a delicious soup

The Dine La menu is a great way to sample restaurants that you might not try. In this case, the Dine LA menu featured a prix-fixe menu for $48.95. You can choose from an appetizer, a main course and a desert. We had to try the Minestrone. This is a vegetarian soup that is a staple of Italian eating. Trying the Minestrone at an Italian restaurant is a good way to gauge the quality of the food. The Minestrone at Locanda Veneta is so good. The vegetables were balanced with just the right amount of spices.
We wanted to try a salad and the Insalta di Carciofi was amazing. The baby purple artichoke blended with the arugula and mixed baby greens MADE for a perfect summertime salad.

The ravioli and the pasta were just amazing. From the Dine LA menu, we had the Ravioli di Zucca. This is a homemade pumpkin ravioli stuffed with tasty butternut squash. This, again, seemed to fit the summertime dining. The pasta is freshly made in house each day. The sauce is light. The flavors combine to make a true Italian flavor.

The Squid Ink Lobster Ravioli is made from scratch
The Squid Ink Lobster Ravioli is made from scratch

From the Main menu, we got a chance to try the Ravioli d’Aragosta. This features raviolis made from black squid ink, fresh lobster and a creamy saffron sauce. This dish shows off Chef Andres ability to make a new dish while remaining true to the Italian flavors.

The wine flowed all night. The restaurant filled up with families an friends who live in the nearby neighborhoods. People stopped by in Ferraris and the place has such a cool vibe. It’s a neighborhood restaurant near Beverly Hills, but the peolple who dine here are friendly and seem easy going. This restaurant is a rare find for Los angeles.
Stop by Locanda Veneta for an amazing Italian dining experience.

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