Massaging Insoles by Bestsole, Inc.

Massaging Insoles by Bestsole, Inc.

Our insoles are and have always been USA made!

Wonderful Performance!

Our insoles will massage your feet and increase circulation to your feet (a wonderful product for diabetics!). They are also excellent shock absorbers for your feet, knees, hips, ankles and back.

Very Versatile!

One pair fits in all shoes: dress, casual, sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, heels and work boots.

Easy to Care For!

Machine wash our insoles on a weekly basis and they will last longer, work better and they will act as odor eaters.

Very Durable!

Our insoles are sports tested, impact tested. Plus, we offer a two year warranty!

Massaging Insoles: A Natural Approach To Health!



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One Comment on “Massaging Insoles by Bestsole, Inc.”

  1. After using the massaging insoles the problems i had on the bottom of both feet did not bother me anymore. i also gave a pair to someone else and she said the same thing. I highly advise anyone who has any type of problem to try out the massaging insoles first like i did. i use them when walking and also for workouts. Really a great product

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