Natural Foods Expo West, Anaheim Convention Center


Expo West, the biggest natural foods and products show, took place March 7-10 at the Anaheim  Convention Center in Anaheim California.
The show took up all three floors of the Convention Center  with products both organic and non organic but natural .
Natural cosmetics,  vitamins and  food samples galore for tasting were the main show stoppers. There were  also many wonderful devices for health as well
  One item featured was the  worlds most powerful magnet therapy bracelet manufactured by Magnalinx  that is good for many conditions from arthritis to bronchitis  and many symptoms in between. It is made from separate cylindrical  magnets that stick together and form the bracelet.
Very unique also, was a device called Sportspro. It is a gyroscope in a plastic ball that you hold  once it gets spinning via an electric motor starting device .It becomes a muscle working and performance enhancing tool that can improve your handling of many devices and there is one with a handle for sports that require a stick or pole, like golfing.
This was a great show and featured extra events all around the Convention Center grounds and on Friday the band Ozomatti performed on an Outdoor stage surrounding the Convention Center and the hotels around it.
the media were able to vote on new products and items of there liking in a press room where they were also able to  take the samples of the products to try out later.


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