Modo Mio 30th Anniversary in Pacific Palisades

The Experience Magazine was invited to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Modo Mio Italian Restaurant on June 16th. 2015.

The restaurant is located inside The Village of the Palisades. They serve classic Northern Italian dishes.

We were welcomed by the friendly owner George and his family. There was a very nice wine tasting table with a friendly server who explained the different wines from the region. There was also a cheese and vegetable plate to go along with it before the dinner serving.

Modo Mio Family
Owner George and his family.
Publisher Erwin and Owner George
Publisher Erwin and Owner George

The staff Tony explained what they were serving that night. -Verdure Alla Griglla -Caprese e Pomodoro -Mosaico Di Peperoni -Ravioli Dello Chef -Rigatoni Alla Melanzane -Pollo Alla Diavola -Gnocchi Modo Mio.

Modo Mio

Assorted grilled vegetables and caprese were tender and tasty. Rigatoni and ravioli had a very fresh and great tomato sauce flavor, the sauce was amazing! Gnocchi had a great texture and the creamy tomato sauce was delicious as well. I recommend Ravioli and Gnocchi! We had to use our bread to scoop up any extra sauce because it was so amazing.

After we enjoyed the dinner, the staff Tony started serving the deserts. -Tiramisu -Apple Tart and more. My favorite Italian desert is TIRAMISU! Their tiramisu is just wonderful!!! I had to have 2 pieces.

Such wonderful people and service. I will add this restaurant to my Favorite Italian Restaurant list! I hope you will visit the restaurant soon and have the experience of warm atmosphere and delicious Northern Italian dishes.

Modo Mio Cucina Rustica
15200 Sunset Blvd. Suite 106
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
(310) 459-0979

Facebook Modo Mio Cuchna Rustica

wrote by Erwin and Yayoi

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