New Life for a Historic Edifice


Recently, at a special dedication ceremony, a new lease on life was given by the Wallis Annenberg Foundation to the historic Beverly Hills Post Office on Santa Monica Boulevard and erected during the Depression era by  the Roosevelt Administration and built by the Works Projects Administration  The event was the creation of the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in which the post office would become the focal point of a theatrical complex involving two theatres and a number of peripheral projects all under the heading of the Wallis Annenberg Center.  Surrounding the Center will be a Sculpture Garden various green terraces and gardens providing areas for casual dining and special events. There will also be a theatre school along with a café and production offices.

A number of dignitaries were on hand for the event including the present and a number of former mayors, as well as a large number of individuals who had a hand in making all this come about..

After an initial reception put together by Wolfgang Puck, all were ushered into to an outdoor area which will serve as the ground breaking of this project.  After various individuals were introduced to be recognized for their part in this historical occasion, Wallis Annenberg herself was on hand to voice her support and appreciation for the effort being made to create the Performing Arts Center.

William H. Macy, himself an actor having a multitude of experiences in the theatre world, having founded more than one theatrical project, give his impressions of the situation.  His talk was rife with incisive and humorous asides which in many ways enriched the spirit of the occasion.

It goes without saying that this project will be a significant enhancement to the theatrical scene inBeverly Hillsas well as theLos Angelesarea.



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