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THE EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE was invited to attend the Golden Globes gifting suite at the SLS Hotel. One of our favorite sponsor was MagLite an American Company that probably makes the best flashlights made by any company. When you see the police with a flashlight it is usually a MagLite. I hit it off with the company reps right away because I was wearing the mini which can attach to your keys. The new line they have are brighter and we were gifted a nice kit in gold with a bigger one besides the mini.

Maddy and Maize gournet popcorn was a big hit

Nirvana Positively Pure  were in attendance making sure everyone kept hydrated with good natural spring water.
If you have been to the Arclight Theater you know they are famous for their carmel popcorn.

Erwin Glaub (L) from the Experience Magazine with an ambassador from Townly Girl (R)

We were introduced to Maddy and Maize, a gourmet popcorn company that has flavors like cookies and cream and lemon raspberry layer cake besides about four
other flavors which are also not so sweet and are seasoned with herbs. They are so good I might have to sneak one in the next time i go to the Arclight.

Actor Greg German (R) receiving a swag bag

Coming from S. Korea was Kocostar that make spa type products. We received a slice mask sheet. These are gel like sheets that you put on your face and relax and let the ingredients soak in. We received one was of the rose essence. You usually leave on your face for 15-25 minutes and the best place to do this in my experience is a spa that has a sauna or steam to let the heat provide your face a better chance to soak in the essences which when taken
off leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

There was an amazing collection of gifts at this year’s Secret Room Event

We also received a body therapy kit which consists of nail therapy, foot therapy, hair therapy along with split end treatment. We Look forward to trying out the products.
We got to meet The Slageter Sisters who presented us with their book called
Sophistication is Overated. Just opening the book up randomly I saw a quote by Groucho Marx, “I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury”  I think this will be a fun book to read by a couple of great ladies with a good sense of humor.
NudeStix gave out an eyebrow pencil with a fancy sharpener.

Adventure Town Toy Emporium was gifting awesome toys

Studio 67 was there with a machine wash mat that is good for in or outdoors. They have some nice floral patterns. We got one that said “Welcome Home” which you can never go wrong with.

Clayton Shagal had a beautiful display for their cosmetics

Being kind of a junkie for great skin care products we are anticipating some good results from Clayton Shagal, a his and hers skin care line. They work with pure extracted Marine Collagen which is a product well known in the industry for providing great results. They provided a bag with four of there products.
Hadron Epoch was in the house with a set of three of their mini notebooks. A gold day planner called the “Passion Planner” was also given that is a very detailed day
planner with a lot of wisdom to compliment the day. The tick key is the original tick key that removes all kinds of ticks. It
seemed like an odd fit for a gift suite but it seems like it is very revelant otherwise they would have not been at the suite. I hope I never get any but i have the tool for removal if I do.

Represehtives from

We found the secret room gift suite very enjoyable and were able to meet
a lot of very nice vendors with great products.

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