Currently at Theatre 40 inBeverly Hills, “The Long Weekend” by Norm Foster brings to mind in more ways than one the work of Neil Simon.  In fact, Mr. Foster has been called ‘The Neil Simon ofCanada’.  The plot twists and characterizations certainly bear out these similarities.  At the same time, Woody Allen should also take some of the credit for his influence on Foster’s work.   And when you mention the word ‘prolific’ then it becomes almost a synonym when applied to his output since the record shows that his plays have been produced more than hundred and fifty times a year.

In the case of “The Long Weekend” we have the interplay of two couples who have gathered at the country home of one of them and not only do each of them have nothing at all good to say about the other but in addition, each have a passion of the other’s wife.  And so the fun begins.

The writing abounds with trenchant humor and unexpected nuances of human emotions.  It’s hard to say which couple gets the better of the situation as the plot weaves along its merry way.

The show reveals a lot about the vagaries of male and female relationships.  I’m sure all of us can come forth with similar experiences as theBattleof the Sexes continues unabated.

All of the four principals give a good account of themselves:  Lizzie Peet, Shawn Savage, Kathryn Larsen and John Mullen.  I seemed especially drawn to Shawn Savage in the way he milked his part for as much humor tainted irony as he could get out of it.  But both the girls were up to the way they made their case in handling what they wanted in each of the men even though it appeared they were both trumped at the end by the machinations of the husbands.

Bruce Gray directs succinctly in knowing just where to leave off in getting what he expects from his actors.

The show runs through June 27, Thursdays through Saturdays at 8, Sundays at 2.

241 SoMorenoDrive……310.364.0535……www.theatre40org.


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