Virgin Galactic set to blastoff in 2014


Talk about specialty travel. In California, there are eight of more than 140 “space agents” trained to sell tickets for the first ever commercial spaceflights with Virgin Galactic, expected to begin as early as the beginning of 2014.  Successful test flights of Virgin Galactics SpaceShipTwo, overseen by Sir Richard Branson himself, took place in Mojave and now commercial space travel may no longer be a mere fantasy. Upon the successful outcome of further test flights to be conducted by the end of this year, commercial operations will start early 2014.

I could only expect your first question to be “What would a flight like this cost me?” Well, if you insist on Charter status and a private flight with yourself and five friends, about $1 million. However, at, you’ll find the booking page that offers tiered payment plans where a $200,000 down payment could put you among the first 1000 people to travel to space, or for 20k you wait for the first 500 people takeoff.

How do you put a price on something like an actual space odyssey?


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