Bel-Air Film Festival, Westwood Block Party

2012 Fifth Annual Bel-Air Film Festival Announces Westwood Block Party
SEPTEMBER 20th, 2012 (LOS ANGELES)- The 2012 Fifth Annual Bel-Air Film Festival announces its red carpet event block party and outdoor screening set which will be held in Westwood, California located on Broxton Street between Le Conte and Weybourne. The block party will be held from 4:00pm to 11:00pm on Friday, October 12th. Screenings include the World Premiere Documentary of Oakenfold 24/7, World Premiere film Short Boy in the Oak starring Jude Law, Documentary Film Winter, and short film Fortunate Son.
Opening night’s music series includes performances by Sandra Collins followed by screening an extended trailer for her Documentary Girl. Collins is recognized as a pioneer of female DJ’s and is a global icon as one of the world’s top DJ artists. Grammy Nominee recording artist Mark Lewis will perform along with classically award winning Angeline. Swedish Egil, known for his daily shifts on First Wave Groove Radio International and co-host of Power Tools on L.A.’s Power 106 will also perform.
Oakenfold 24/7, Bel-Air Film Festival World Premiere, directed by Bela Molnar, is the first in depth documentary film to profile chronicling the life and times of the original superstar DJ. Paul Oakenfold is a two time Grammy nominated DJ who has notably worked with U2, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, The Cure, and Paris Hilton. He has worked on music soundtracks for various film projects including Shrek II, Swordfish, The Bourne Identity, The Matrix Reloaded, Nobel Son, and Collateral. Having traveled all of the world, he has performed at the Great Wall in China, Korea, all over the United States, Lebanon, Cypress. Oakenfold’s 2004 album Another World is labeled as the bestselling dance albums of all time. Cast includes interviews with Tiesto, Pete Tong, Timo Maas, John Digweed, and Judge Jules. The film captures Oakenfold’s day to day life where he is followed across the globe from London, Ibiza, to his home in Los Angeles. The documentary provides a behind the scenes glimpse with Oakenfold’s friends, colleagues and family, as the pressure mounts, deadlines loom and countless schemes and dreams gradually come together.
Winter, written and directed by Steve Bellamy, follows up to last year’s award winning “The Story,” stars a who’s who of mountain sport athletes including Ted Ligety, Sean Pettit, Melissa Arnot, Johnny DeCesare, Jen Hudak, Julian Carr, Senator Bob Dole, Phil Mahre, Steve Mahre, Andy Mahre, Mike Wilson, Karina Hollekim, Kris Holm, Ted Davenport, Chip Hildebrand, Kirk Bauer and Matt Reardon. The film travels to the furthest reaches of the planet with a focus on mountain sport athletes who push the boundaries of their craft to the most unthinkable limits and dire consequences. Some of the most jaw dropping events ever captured in cinema occur in this film including Julian Carr’s 205 foot cliff jump in Austria, Simon Dumont’s 150 foot gap jump crash and Kris Holm riding a unicycle with his tire hanging over the edge of a 2500 foot cliff edge. “Winter” also captured the last footage of the late Sarah Burke who was killed in a crash in Park City, Utah last year. She and pro skier husband Rory Bushfield have a heartwarming segment on their unique lives together in Canada shortly before her passing.
Boy in the Oak, World Premiere, written and directed by Luke Losey, narrated by Jude Law. This short film tells the story of young neglected boy wandering in the forest his fortune of finding his way.
Fortunate Son, World Premiere, is a short film written and directed by John Lopez. Film includes a story of a boy that returns to his native east Los Angeles neighborhood to run for Congress in a special election.
Mission Statement: The Bel-Air Film Festival promotes the appreciation and knowledge of film, and seeks to recognize the most creative films and individuals in the film industry each year. The Festival’s goal is to inspire filmmakers and help provide them with the resources needed to further their knowledge.
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