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James republic is Long Beach, California’s top destination for dining located in the heart of Long Beach. This gourmet restaurant has been growing as a local favorite and a top foodie destination. Chef David McClendon and Chef Dean James Max have created a local favorite that is casual and upscale. The indoor/outdoor patio is welcoming and inviting. When we arrived for dinner on a cool autumn night the restaurant was busy. We were seated in the outdoor patio. This is a great urban location that lets you see the beauty of downtown Long Beach as the sun sets. The concept of the chef going to the farmers market and utilizing locally sourced food is utilized at James Republic. Chef Dave Maclenan and his crew offer an original Americana menu. Chef Dave personally came to our table and talked about the restaurant and what their vision is. They use the farm to table concept with a seasonal menu. Chef Dave is very knowledgable about each dish and why it’s on the menu. The bar menu is full of craft beers made locally and other innovative creations. We started the meal with a Moscow Mule. It came in the iconic copper cup and seemed to be balanced and expertly made. The beer and wine list is lengthy at James Republic. The bar has a great atmosphere for enjoying a cocktails. We tried the Kumai oysters which were elegantly presented. The handmade sauces that came with our oysters were amazing. balancing the spiciness with a sweet savory flavor. They were fresh and delicious. Marissa, our server, guided us to a couple of the top choices. The cauliflower steak with red quinoa was prepared and presented so well. Gourmet cauliflower is all the rage in quality dining right now. James Republic’s cauliflower is right on the mark. Also as an entrée, the Mary’s Roasted Chicken with kale salad was presented with a flourish. The roasted chicken was cut up and arranged on a wooden chopping block. The goat cheese polenta was so creamy. The crispy brussels sprouts salad was out of this world. A light sauce accompanied this dish. The sauces at James Republic are amazing. Just enough to add flavor to whatever they are paired with.  We were amazed at the mustard greens. A great addition to this entree. The vegetable slaw is a tasty side that is easy to devour. We finished our meal with handmade sorbet.

Some of the tasty offerings at James Republic. All photos courtesy the Experience Magazine
Some of the tasty offerings at James Republic. All photos courtesy the Experience Magazine
Downtown Long Beach's top foodies destination James Republic
Downtown Long Beach’s top foodies destination James Republic

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