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Culver City, CA – June 10th, 2017 – The Experience Magazine stopped by Mayura Indian Restaurant for Indian Food in Culver City. This is traditional Southern Indian cuisine with that is prepared expertly. Dr. Padmini Aniyan is from Kerala, India in southwest India. A lot of people don’t know that the best food in Los Angeles is in restaurants located in strip malls. Strip mall dining is a special of Jonathan Gold. Jonathan is Los Angeles’ top food writer and is known for his 101 Best Restaurants. Mayura has gotten a Jonathan Gold Best Restaurant award for the last four years. These awards are prominently displayed inside the dinning room.

The Fish Curry at Mayura is a sensation
The Fish Curry at Mayura is a sensation. All photos courtesy the EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE staff photographer

Once you step inside the restaurant, the dinning room and the friendly staff create a comfortable environment where fine Indian food can be enjoyed. The appetizer that is so popular at Mayura is the Masala Dosa. Dosa is a very popular dish in Southern India. We sampled the vegan dosa which is a thin pancake grilled to crispy perfection. There’s a mashed potato filling that has a delicious Indian taste.

The Dosa
The Dosa

The Chicken Tiki Masala is the dish where everything came together for me. When I tasted it, I thought, “this is the best Tiki Masala I’ve ever had!” The flavor of the sauce and the preparation of the chicken are so well done.

The Palak Paneer
The Palak Paneer

We also got a chance to sample the fish curry. It’s rare to see an Indian Fish Curry. Since Dr. Padmini is from the coast of India, she has this dish prepared in the Kerala tradition. The curry wasn’t too spicy and the fish was cooked just right.

Proprietors of Mayura - Anil and Dr. Padmini
Proprietors of Mayura – Anil and Dr. Padmini
The Naan at Mayura in Culver City
The Naan at Mayura in Culver City

Another great dish prepared at Mayura is the Palak Paneer. This is one of my favorite dishes. Its a sort of Indian cottage cheese blended with a spinach puree. This is another dish that is very popular in south Indian cuisine. The flavor was authentic and fresh.

The vegan, gluten free bread
The vegan gluten free bread

In addition to all of this great food, we just had to try the naan and the gluten free bread. Both are so good for dipping into all of the different sauces. The naan was a garlic naan cooked perfectly. The gluten free bred is totally white and a bit strange to look at but it was really good. I just love gourmet gluten free creations. The gluten free bread here is top notch.

The Chicken Tiki Masala is simply amazing with traditional Indian flavor
The Chicken Tiki Masala is simply amazing with traditional Indian flavor

You really should stop by and try Mayura in Culver City. Dr. Padmini and her staff are ready to serve you a delicious meal.
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