The Amazing Carousel Restaurant on Brand in Glendale

Glendale, CA – June 10th, 2017 – The EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE dined at the LA hot spot Carousel. This Middle Eastern restaurant serves up Lebanese-Armenian Meza platters. Meza is a Lebanese word for appetizer.

The Meza are affordable and offer diners piles of delicious food. By the end of our meal, our table was covered in vegetarian small plates. The flavor is authentic Lebanese and delicious.
We met with Sous Chef Shant who set us up with a gaigantic vegetarian Meza sampling. We got a chance to sample all the classic meza and a few rare ones.

Publisher Erwin Glaub (L) with Sous Chef Shawn at Carousel on Brand in Glendale, California
Publisher Erwin Glaub (L) with Sous Chef Shant (R) at Carousel on Brand in Glendale, California

To start with, the hummus at Carousel is chickpeas whipped to a light and airy perfection. The pita was warm and we mixed items from various dishes that seemed to keep appearing evey few minutes. Along with the Tabouli, Falafel and Hummus we had Fattoush (Lebanese salad), Muhammara (walnut dip with red peppers and pomegranate), Sarama (grape leaves with rice and veggies), Mutabbal (babaganosh) and
Kebbeh Batata (roasted potatoes, cracked wheat and pepper paste). All of these amazing Meza have tradtional Lebanese flavor and had great presentation.

There was really just so much food. There was a Pickles and Olives tray that had fresh olives and tasty Lebanese spiced pickles. The Hummus was so fresh and was expertly preparred. There were trays of vegetables. I’ve never seen so much food at one time. The Mutabbal is an eggplant babaganosh that has a creamy and smoky texture.
The Lentil Soup was tasty and is made with a delicious chicken broth. We also tried the Mediterranean Sea Bass which is imported from Lebanon. The fish was prepared and served in the Lebanese way. The tartar sauce is handmade with this dish and has a touch of dill in it.

The staff is so friendly and able to serve food quickly. There is a constant movement of plates as the table fills up.
The dining room at the Glendale Carousel is huge and can accommodate many people. On the night we stopped by, people from all over Los Angeles were getting together as Graduation ceremonies were ending. The Carousel was packed and the band was just getting ready to start playing traditional Lebanese music. There’s live music at Carousel every Friday and Saturday night.
Carousel is a Zagat rated restaurant in Los Angeles that must be experienced to appreciate it. Stop by to try the Meza at Carousel soon!

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