Passion at the Doma


“Passion” at the Doma Theatre inHollywood, for such a short one word title, packs in enough drama for a lot more of a title to fully justify what is ahead for the unsuspecting theatergoer as he or she take their seat to await the curtain.

“Passion” had a successful Broadway run, winning Tony Awards for Best Musical, with an attention holding and evocative book by James Lapine and a rhapsodic score by Stephen Sondheim.  You can also count a successfulLondonrun and a number of revivals following that.

A musical in the operatic style, the full romantic score mirrors the sweeping nature of the story.  There is a richness of texture of the music which heightens the melodic lines as the plot develops.  Not so much an array of individual songs, the show manifests a somewhat hypnotic net of music as the audience becomes drawn into this dreamlike world of awakened passions.

The current production augments this in it’s own way as it weaves the story of a  love affair between three people, Giorgio, played by Nathaniel Reynolds, a handsome army captain who is having an affair with Clara, portrayed by Melissa Cook, who is already married but is involved with Giorgio and the ugly duckling Fosca, Lindsay Zana, the cousin of the Colonel,  who has a unrelenting fixation on Giorgio, as he makes every effort to hold her off.

All make good account of themselves, with accomplished voices and presence, especially Ms Zana who faces the most challenges as she tries to balance her psyche between Giorgio and her protective cousin, emoted by Ricky Webster.  It’s a difficult role but her performance more than makes up for her lack of pulchritude by sheer persistence to the point of finally winning over the affections of Giorgio, who finally realizes which one is the real love of his life.

Unfortunately, the story has a tragic ending but because of the raw and erotic intimacy of the score which evokes the universal and unspoken truths between two lovers, it all seems very much worthwhile.

‘Passion’ runs through September 11th, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 and Sundays at 3.  323.960.4443. 1089 No Oxford Ave.


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